Fauci urges China to release medical records of Wuhan researchers

Paul claims Fauci wanted to debunk COVID leak theories because the US invested in the Wuhan lab

Fauci urges China to release medical records of Wuhan lab workers

"The correspondence between Dr Anthony Fauci and China speaks too loudly for anyone to ignore". According to the newspaper, this may be a sign that COVID-19 originated in a laboratory. The report said., Quotes Fauci as talking about three out of nine.

'Although the team has concluded that a laboratory leak is the least likely hypothesis, this requires further investigation, potentially with additional missions involving specialist experts, which I am ready to deploy, ' said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on March 30, when WHO's COVID-19 origins report became publicly available.

While Fauci has said that the U.S.

The Financial Times continues to believe that Fauci was the first to infect humans through animals, and even if researchers at the institute were infected with COVID-19, the disease from a larger population. It is possible there was a lab leak.

What did Fauci tell CNN?

Joe Biden's chief medical adviser has called on China to release the medical records of nine people whose illnesses might provide vital clues into whether COVID-19 first emerged as the result of a lab leak.

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The NIH, which is a United States public health agency, gave $600,000 (£425,000) to the Wuhan Institute of Virology from 2014-19 via a grant to the New York-based non-profit group EcoHealth Alliance, for the goal of researching bat coronaviruses.

Fauci responded, 'Many thanks for your kind note'.

Paul is one of the most vocal Fauci critics who's pushing that Fauci's emails prove the doctor is lying about whether the Wuhan lab pursued what's called "gain of function" research - which would make a virus more contagious or deadly.

"After seeing the emails, our Country is fortunate I didn't do what Dr. Fauci wanted me to do", Trump said in a statement. "I still do think it is, at the same time as I'm keeping an open mind that it might be a lab leak".

"I don't remember what's in that redacted but the idea I think is quite far-fetched that the Chinese deliberately engineered something so that they could kill themselves as well as other people", he said. 'Let me say clearly that as far as World Health Organization is concerned all hypotheses remain on the table'.

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that three employees at the Wuhan Institute of Virology fell ill and were admitted to hospital in November 2019, just before the first reported Covid-19 cases.

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Fauci has been accused, especially by conservatives, of playing down the lab leak theory, in part to protect the reputation of NIAID, which helped to fund controversial bat research at Wuhan.

As Fauci came under intense scrutiny over the last one month where he was grilled by USA lawmakers in multiple hearings, he stated that he wasn't convinced (anymore) of the natural origin theory of Covid-19 virus and 'I think we should continue to investigate what went on in China until we continue to find out to the best of our ability what happened'.

Paul also claimed that some of Fauci's emails showed that he was "very troubled" about some gain-of-function research being done - though it was not immediately obvious which emails the Kentucky Republican was speaking of. Mr Trump wrote in a statement. "China should pay 10 trillion dollars to U.S. and world for death and destruction they have caused".

China's foreign ministry last week dismissed the Wuhan lab leak theory as "extremely impossible".

Meanwhile, House of Representatives deputy Republican leader Steve Scalise demanded in a letter that Dr Fauci testify before Congress on the "US government's role in funding research that may have contributed to the development of the novel coronavirus".

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