NM lifts mask mandate for fully vaccinated individuals

Gov. David Ige. PC Office of Gov. David Ige. File

Gov. David Ige. PC Office of Gov. David Ige. File

The CDC has updated its guidelines for fully vaccinated people, stating that indoor and outdoor activity without masks and with no physical distances pose a minimal risk so can be resumed unless wearing masks is required by laws and regulations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Protection on Thursday announced that they were updating their guidelines, and people who were fully vaccinated no longer needed to wear masks indoors and out, under most circumstances.

The directive says for those people not fully vaccinated, they should continue to take precautions including mask wearing and avoiding indoor crowds.

In Detroit, a fully vaccinated Christoph Cunningham, 28, wore a mask as he rode an electric scooter to a bar for lunch and said he agrees with the relaxed new guidelines.

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Employees and customers that are fully vaccinated won't have to wear masks at Trader Joe's, Walmart, or Costco. "That will remain their choice". Walgreens and CVS said they are reviewing their rules in light of the CDC's new guidelines, while Publix is "awaiting additional guidance before implementing potential changes", a spokesperson told Business Insider.

But the announcement represents a quantum shift in recommendations and a major loosening of the mask restrictions that Americans have had to live with since COVID-19 became a major part of USA life 15 months ago. Doctors' offices, hospitals, nursing homes and homeless shelters will also continue to require masks.

However, others said that given the science and data behind an effective vaccine- this step makes sense.

A survey released in April by the Birmingham Business Alliance showed that 51% of Birmingham-area businesses surveyed plan on continuing to require employees to wear face masks once the order is over, with 49% saying masks will be gone.

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The president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, said the 1.7 million-member union is still trying to sort out what the change means for schools.

The average number of new COVID-19 cases nationwide, over a weekly period, has fallen to 36,800 a day - a 23 per cent drop when compared to the previous seven-day period, and a 50 per cent decrease from the peak of the springtime wave recorded a month ago. Many had already been ditching mask orders in recent weeks.

"I think it just further supports the decision we made to lift the mask mandate", said newly elected Mayor Larry Milton. "It was dividing our community". "An individual is considered "fully vaccinated" if 14 days have passed since the individual received his or her last dose of COVID-19 vaccine (either the single dose of Johnson & Johnson or the second does of Pfizer or Moderna). We heard loud and clear from voters that they wanted the mask mandate repealed".

Roughy 36% of people in the US are fully vaccinated and have received CDC-issued vaccine cards as proof.

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