Ex-White House Attorney To Testify On Trump "Obstruction"

The House Judiciary Committee initially subpoenaed McGahn in 2019.

The interview will happen "as soon as possible", and a transcript will be released in the days after, the court filing said.

Former Trump White House counsel Don McGahn will testify before the House Judiciary Committee behind closed doors about then-President Donald Trump's attempts to obstruct the Russian Federation investigation, the House and the Justice Department announced in a court filing Wednesday night. Attorneys for the Justice Department may also tell McGahn not to answer certain questions.

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"The law requires that when there is a dispute in court between the legislative and executive branches, the two must work in good faith to find a compromise-and I am pleased that we have reached an arrangement that satisfies our subpoena, protects the Committee's constitutional duty to conduct oversight in the future, and safeguards sensitive executive branch prerogatives", he added. The scope of McGahn's session will be limited to the public portions of the Mueller report related to McGahn, and he can decline to answer questions deemed outside those parameters.

The agreement is a major concession from the executive branch after the Trump administration sought to broadly block former and current officials from testifying to Congress, and McGahn's recalcitrance ended up in court as the most potentially consequential case over testimony.

The House Judiciary Committee, under Democrat Jerry Nadler, then launched an impeachment investigation against Trump.

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Don McGahn, who was White House counsel in 2017 and 2018 when Trump was investigated by independent prosecutor Robert Mueller, had fought a subpoena by the House Judiciary Committee to testify in its examination of Mueller's findings.

"When the former President vowed to fight "all of the subpoenas" aimed at his administration, he began a risky campaign of unprecedented obstruction", Nadler said in a statement.

McGahn may be asked, for instance, whether Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election accurately reflected McGahn's statements to the special counsel's office. At the time, the Trump White House directed McGahn to disregard the subpoena and said that key presidential advisers are "absolutely immune from compelled congressional testimony". Biden has nominated Jackson to the appeals court in Washington.

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The first of those rulings was overturned by the full appeals court previous year, and the second was set to be relitigated later this month.

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