Fleetwood Mac Returns To The Billboard Hot 100 With "Dreams"

Stevie Nicks Joins in Viral Fleetwood Mac 'Cranberry Dreams' Tik Tok Trend

Watch Stevie Nicks recreate the viral ‘Dreams’ TikTok

A VIRAL TikTok video featuring a laid-back skateboarder lip-synching to Fleetwood Mac's Dreams has propelled the 1977 hit back into the Billboard Hot 100 after an absence of more than three decades. The caption read: "Afternoon vibe".

The video already has over 13 million views.

The Fleetwood Mac frontwoman, 72, from Phoenix, Arizona, spent lockdown isolating at her Spanish Colonial pad in Santa Monica, California. "How nice it's it that you've got introduced so many smiles to tens of millions of individuals in a world simply when it's/was wanted".

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In the days after his remake, Fleetwood surprised Apodaca in an interview with the BBC.

He told Insider that his merch sales had exploded since his video went viral, and while he's no longer hand-making his beanies, he still has a stack that he plans to embroider as a special run.

The viral TikTok has additionally introduced Apodaca materials success.

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This has all been pretty great for Apodaca-and Ocean Spray. He recreated the TikTok video on Monday, only in slightly different fashion. "When you're with Harry Styles, you're not with a famous person, he's just Harry".

"Yesterday Ocean Spray was humbled to present Nathan with one thing of significance to him-a truck we knew he wanted".

Since Apodaca's video turned into a web sensation on TikTok, "Dreams" has been climbing the outlines.

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For the record, it's platonic, she told The Guardian, explaining, "Can I just say that Harry Styles is not my younger boyfriend". The viral trend has captured TikTok users with its random silliness during a year filled with tension, from the pandemic to the upcoming presidential election.

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