Taylor Swift Accused of Stealing Logo From Black Designer

Taylor Swift Fiona Apple and The Mystery of Music Made in Isolation

Taylor Swift Accused of Stealing Logo From Black Designer

The owner of The Folklore brand, a company that exclusively sells goods from Africa and the diaspora per its website, expressed her concerns that the 'Love Story' singer's merch logo had striking similarities to her own.

"At Tuesday, Swift's site was no more selling clothing using the words" The Folklore Album", swapping it out for fresh layouts which read,"Folklore Album", InStyle reported. "I'm sharing my narrative to deliver light into the tendency of big companies/celebrities copying the function of little minority-owned small business owners".

After the issue was resolved the next day, Rasool told her thousands of followers that her lawyers were in communication with Taylor's to determine the "necessary next steps to make this situation right".

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Swift, however, did not ignore Rasool like an old cardigan under someone's bed.

On Thursday, Swift declared that she was donating to Rasool's corporation.

Taylor also sent a direct tweet to Amira, saying: "I admire the work you're doing and I'm happy to make a contribution to your company and to support the Black in Fashion Council (launching on 8/3) with a donation".

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The speculation began when Swift announced she would be releasing a not-yet-heard bonus song "The Lakes", which is only available to purchase on taylorswift.com via a physical copy.

Swift's selection to shake it off and suitable training course stands in contrast to the way that Lady A, formerly known as Woman Antebellum, taken care of a very similar predicament. But it turned out that blues singer Anita White has been carrying out less than the identify "Woman A" for decades.

Originally, it appeared that the parties would have the ability to figure out things.

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Since the surprise release of her eighth album, folklore, Taylor has had everyone singing her praises - and rightly so. "The lawsuit claims that the band has been awarded a trademark on the title" Lady A" at 2011, following a few years of utilizing it with" Lady Antebellum" to their services and goods.

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