New York governor seen pulling motorist out of wrecked vehicle

Andrew Cuomo

Enlarge Image Rashid Umar Abbasi

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was filmed Monday helping a man out of a van that crashed on a major New York City highway.

A passenger stuck in a vehicle accident on a NY highway was freed by an unlikely rescuer Monday afternoon: Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The driver's van tipped to the side after crashing into the median, and he was unable to free himself, according to various media reports.

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The New York Police Department had not yet arrived on the scene when Cuomo's vehicle pulled over and the governor cut the man out of his seat belt and helped him to safety.

Cuomo is among several individuals - including a man with a badge and gun - seen assisting the man from the van, which almost overturned on the median.

According to a video posted on the app Citizen, firefighters responded to reports of the accident on the BQE near Queens Boulevard at around 1.15pm.

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It is not the first time the governor has helped motorists in need, USA Today noted.

Another video from the governor's office shows Cuomo hugging a distraught woman on the scene.

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