Jennifer Dulos' estranged husband charged in her murder

Fotis Dulos appears at the Connecticut Superior Court in Stamford Conn. Monday Sept. 23 2019

Fotis Dulos appears at the Connecticut Superior Court in Stamford Conn. Monday Sept. 23 2019

Fotis Dulos, the estranged husband of missing CT mom Jennifer Dulos, was taken into custody on a murder charge in connection to her disappearance Tuesday morning, his attorney confirmed.

Dulos and Troconis were initially charged with evidence tampering related to the trash bags. This time, he was arrested for murder.

Fotis Dulos, left, and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis. Read Law&Crime's in-depth story on her arrest warrant here. Troconis, also arrested Tuesday, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Here's what police said they found over the course of their investigation.

Investigators claimed in a previous arrest warrant that they believe Fotis Dulos was "lying in wait" for Jennifer at her home on the day she disappeared, and that the "crime and clean-up are believed to have occurred" soon after. "As there is little reason to incapacitate a deceased person, it is reasonable that Jennifer Dulos was alive at the time the Zip Ties were attached to restrain her movements and to prevent her escape". Authorities also said that there was evidence of attempts to clean up blood.

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Pattis said he arrived at Dulos' mansion 10 minutes ahead of state troopers.

Detectives also discovered handwritten documents they called "alibi scripts" in trash bin outside Dulos's business, in which Dulos and Troconis outlined their activities that day in hourly increments but omitted their trip to Hartford, police said.

The New Canaan mother of five has been missing since May 24 when she was last seen dropping her kids off at school. Mawhinney's cellphone also pinged a tower near the club in March, police said.

"I haven't seen the warrant yet but it is my understanding that Mr. Dulos was just arrested and was charged with the crime of murder as to his wife, Jennifer Dulos".

Police said they seized the employee's phone and that analysis of the phone indicated items (web history, searches and call logs) were deleted from it. Authorities said Dulos accessed the unlocked phone on May 28 to "check" the employee's call history. Reminder, in case you need one, Jennifer is missing at this time.

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The long-term nanny Jennifer Dulos hired immediately noticed something was amiss in the kitchen on the day Jennifer went missing. She and estranged husband Fotis Dulos were in the middle of divorce and child custody proceedings. "Our position is that's not good enough for Fotis Dulos". A 4pm call went to voicemail, and she told police, "Immediately my stomach the nearly seven years that I have worked for Jennifer I NEVER EVER had a hard time reaching her and NEVER had an issue with her phone being off". The medical examiner concluded that Jennifer Dulos suffered "non-survivable" injuries in a "homicide of violence".

Pattis believed Dulos will post his $6 dollar bond. "Fotis Dulos charged with murder, felony murder and kidnapping".

"I'm not surprised that the state chose to bring the charge", he said.

"They come as a relief because after months of listening to innuendo suggestions and rumor, we now have something to shoot at and we intend to begin firing those shots at Mr. Dulos' bond hearing tomorrow morning". "In a paradoxical way, we welcome this fight, because we think we will win it". "In fact, we are confident we will. And now we won't have to speculate about what it looks like any longer".

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