Solar eclipse: Skies set to darken across NI on Thursday

How to watch 'the best eclipse in a decade' across Northern Ireland tomorrow

When to see the partial solar eclipse over Hemel Hempstead - and how to stay safe while doing it

If the moment of maximum eclipse happens before sunrise, the eclipse magnitude - the percent of the sun that is covered by the moon - is denoted with an asterisk (*).

But if the moon is aligned with the sun when it is near to its furthest point (apogee) from the Earth, it won't block out all light. The west coast of Wales is also a good viewing location - in places such as Ardnamurchan Point and the island of Grassholm off the Pembrokeshire coast - here 25 per cent of the sun will disappear.

The farther north you are in the USA, the better your view of the partial eclipse will be.

In this annular solar eclipse, the moon, in its first lunar phase, will not cover the entirety of the sun, leaving a sliver of sunlight visible, reported. You must wear solar eclipse viewers; sunglasses won't do the trick.

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It is expected to have a 39% obscuration, according to BBC's Sky at Night Magazine.

We'll will instead be covered by the Moon's "outer shadow" or penumbra.

The next best place to view the moon is Lochinver with a 36.8% obscuration, Inverness at 35% and Edinburgh at 31%. While an annular eclipse is only visible in a narrow strip along the surface of our planet, where the moon aligns perfectly with the sun, observers in a much wider area can see part of the sun blocked by the moon.

"Watching from Unst, the most northerly island in the United Kingdom, folk will be in the best position in the whole country to observe the phenomenon".

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Because the eclipse occurs around sunrise, it's important to scout out a good viewing spot beforehand with easy views of the eastern horizon.

Astronomers have said the phenomenon will begin at 10.08am on June 10 in the UK.

If you still have glasses from the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse, it's time to toss them in the trash, Aur added. It's important to remember never to look directly at the sun without eye protection that's specifically created to allow for safe skygazing. Local astronomy clubs will be out in force to show people how to view the eclipse safely.

Editor's note: Remember to NEVER look directly at the Sun during most of an eclipse, or at any other time, without proper protection.

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If you are clouded out or can't make it into the eclipse pathway, the Virtual Telescope Project and will offer livestreams of the encounter beginning at 4:00 a.m. and 5:50 a.m. ET, respectively, on June 10. Read the original article here.

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