Amazon to remove Parler from its platforms, following Google and Apple suspensions

Rep. Devin Nunes

Apple To Remove Parler From App Store, Citing "Illegal Content"

Amazon and Apple took steps to cut off Parler from their platforms on Saturday.

That debate has intensified since Trump was barred from posting on Twitter and Facebook last week after a violent mob, urged on by the president and his social media posts, stormed the Capitol.

Both Apple and Google don say di app fails to comply wit content-moderation requirements.

Due to the "very real risk to public safety" that Parler poses, AWS plans to suspend Parler's account effective Sunday, at 12:00am Pacific Standard Time / 3am Eastern, the email seen by Reuters showed.

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The lawsuit claimed that, given its partnership and continued support of Twitter despite similar content, AWS violated Section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act, which blocks agreements between two companies that might unreasonably prohibit trade.

Parler wants a court order requiring Amazon to reinstate its account and provide services it had contracted for.

Nunes also said the CEOs of the companies should be prosecuted criminally. "Without AWS, Parler is finished as it has no way to get online".

Parler's lawsuit argues that Amazon has unlawfully sought to restrain competition by eliminating a player from the market. However, it said it saw a "significant increase", not decrease, in "dangerous content".

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Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act shields companies that can host trillions of messages from being sued by anyone who feels wronged by something someone else has posted - whether the complaint is legitimate or not. Congress later confirmed President-elect Joe Biden's win.

Amazon is just the latest company that has taken steps to de-platform the social media site.

Parler went offline Sunday after Amazon booted the social media site from its platform.

Although it's no longer on Play Store, Parler will not be removed from users' phones, and it's available to install from other Android app stores. Gab said on Saturday that it was gaining 10,000 new users every hour.

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Parler chief executive John Matze wrote in a post that Apple's move was an attempt to force the platform to "give up free speech [and] institute broad and invasive policies like Twitter and Facebook".

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