Dr Dre remains in intensive care a week after his brain aneurysm

Dr. Dre Still in ICU Almost A Week After Brain Aneurysm

Dr. Dre Continues Brain Aneurysm Recovery In ICU

If things stay that way, Dre is truly lucky - brain aneurysms result in death around 50% of the time, and for those who survive. about 2/3 suffer some sort of permanent neurological deficit.

But his doctors are keeping him in the ICU to continue running tests and in case he suffers a second aneurysm, sources told TMZ.

Despite Dre's positive update, many have been unable to fully exhale - especially considering the potential ramifications a brain aneurysm can have.

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Dr. Dre was still in intensive care Monday after being hospitalized with a brain aneurysm early last week, according to a report. The preference is for him to remain in ICU in the event that he suffers another brain aneurysm.

As far as Dre's condition, the tabloid says that he is "resting comfortably".

The celebrity news outlet also detailed alleged information from its sources that claim Dr. Dre is likely to avoid a "bad outcome". He was rushed to the hospital where he's been receiving medical attention ever since. "Thanks to my family, friends, and fans for their interest and well wishes", wrote Dre. Dr. Dre said he is doing well and is receiving great treatment from the medical staff. "I will be out of the hospital and back home soon".

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Dr Dre is also in a court battle with his estranged wife Nicole Young and recently agreed to pay her $US2 million in spousal support after they split last summer after 24 years of marriage. Cops arrived, chased the men down and took them into custody. Reports say he signed the paperwork from his hospital bed. The former couple have two adult children together.

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