Sony 360 Reality Audio Updated and Expanded

Sony's new premium speaker looks like a giant electric razor Unsurprisingly, it's not cheap

Sony’s latest premium Smart Speaker just got detailed boasting whole room audio from a single device

This speaker has been certified as a high-resolution audio device. Both speakers, according to Sony, are capable of providing a more compelling sound experience with their room-filling sound feature in indoor situations and also have Sony's 360 Reality Audio feature.

It's coming in the SRS-RA3000, a speaker which gives away what it's for in its weird concoction of a name - the "RA" likely meaning "Reality Audio" - even if the design doesn't really give anything away. The RA5000 features a trio of up-firing speakers that spread music vertically, while the three middle sited speakers spread sound horizontally.

360 Reality Audio is the audio standard Sony introduced in 2019 that can create a 3D audio experience in music instead of the typical left-right stereo mix. What's more, you can wirelessly connect both speakers to select Sony Bravia TVs to enhance your streaming binges.

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Sony said it is expanding the 360 Reality Audio platform from audio to video earlier on Friday, and the company is working with major music labels and service providers to begin streaming video content with the codec later this year.

Inside the speaker, there's a full range speaker, a dual passive radiator for bass, tweeters that fire up, and an omni-diffuser to fire sound around the room, essentially creating sound that goes about and around the place. Meanwhile, a strength that is present across the range is support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-the two most widely-used virtual assistants around. Furthermore, both speakers support Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sony has just announced two new wireless speakers that come with a number of smart features, along with Sony's spatial sound technologies. Simply hold the Immersive Audio Enhancement button on the RA5000, and it will conduct a detailed sound calibration adjustment for optimum audio performance for the room it is placed in. Both the RA5000 and RA3000 enter standby mode have 15 minutes of inactivity, regardless of whether you're connected via WiFi or Bluetooth.

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The RA3000 also has a humidity-resistant design, which allows it to be placed in environments such as bathrooms and kitchens, which is something the RA5000 can not do.

The speakers only seem to be available in United Kingdom and Europe for now, retailing at £500/€599 for the RA5000 and £280/€359 for the RA3000. Availability for North America would be announced later.

Only UK and Europe pricing has been announced thus far (£500/€599 for the RA5000, and £280/€359 for the RA3000), with both slated to arrive next month, but USA availability has been confirmed as well.

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