First Canadian astronaut will be flying to the moon after historic agreement

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Canada will send astronaut around the moon in deal with U.S.

The Gateway Treaty unveiled today also calls for a second flight for a Canadian astronaut to that future space station, known as the Lunar Gateway. Russian Federation has also expressed an interest in joining.

NASA says it has committed to two crew opportunities for Canadian astronauts on Artemis missions, "one to the Gateway and one on Artemis II". Canadian-built space robotics for the Gateway are estimated to contribute up to $135 million annually to Canada's GDP and create and maintain some 1,300 high-quality jobs for Canadians over an estimated 10-year build period, according to a federal government statement issued on Wednesday. "We will see benefits across the country in different regions for years to come, this is an investment in Canadians".

Minister Navdeep Bains recalled the long history of Canada's involvement in space exploration, mentioning in particular the major role played by Canadarm1 (Canadarm) between 1981 and 2011, then the participation in the construction of the ISS., as well as the deployment of Canadarm2, which is essential to it.

"And then the astronauts' flights are highly, highly motivational for the rest of the country", he added. It will also be the first time a Canadian, or any non-American, has ventured into deep space.

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"It's worth pointing out here that this will be, I think, the farthest and fastest that any human in the history of our species has ever gone", he said.

As for the goal of the Artemis 2 flyby, Kutryk said it will help test the rockets and other systems needed to start work on the Lunar Gateway.

"I feel that there is a growing interest in space around the world".

At this point, the first trip is planned for 2023.

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There has been no decision made on who the astronaut will be to fly around the moon.

SFU's PolyLAB for Advanced Collaborative Networking is working to help make LTE/4G and Wi-Fi communications systems on the moon a reality by 2022. "But so far, all signals have been positive and we've heard nothing to the contrary".

While Artemis 2 will not touch down on the moon, the US has plans to land a ship on the lunar surface in 2024.

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