Thousands of culled mink in Denmark re-emerging from shallow graves

Thousands of culled mink in Denmark re-emerging from shallow graves

Coronavirus: Culled Danish mink start to resurface at mass burial site

Police in West Jutland are now trying to combat the problem by shovelling extra soil on top of the corpses, which are typically buried in a 1 metre-deep trench, according to the Guardian report. "Didn't have Zombie Minks on my bingo card", tweeted a user.

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"The mutated virus in mink may pose a risk to the effectiveness of a future vaccine", Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said at a press conference.

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Opposition MPs in Denmark have urged the government to dig up millions of mink that were buried in mass graves amid Covid-19 fears.

Once a mass gassing programme had already begun, a court challenge to the order found that the executive's decision had no legal basis, leading to the resignation of the agriculture minister. He said he had asked the environmental protection agency look into whether it could be done, and parliament would be briefed on the issue on Monday.

They have since been reburied elsewhere and local authorities are watching over the site to ensure other animals stay away.

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After Denmark resorted to rushed mass cullings of minks as a mutation of the coronavirus was found in the animal transmitted to humans, the country dreads with new horror. So far, 10 million of the country's mink have been culled, many in the shallow pits that are the cause of the latest scare. The mink farms created an optimal spreading ground for COVID with the minks stacked so close together, and the virus was beginning to travel between the animals and humans.

Wiping away tears several times in Kolding, Fredriksen told broadcaster TV2 that the "really skilled mink farmers, father and son", had lost their life's work. It's been emotional for them. "Sorry. It has for me too", Frederiksen said with a wavering voice, pausing for breath in between words. Danish mink farms are the world's biggest supplier of mink fur, accounting for 40% of global production.

After a tumultuous couple of weeks since the order was given on November 4, the Minister of Agriculture, Mogens Jensen, stepped down last week after an internal investigation revealed a flawed political process.

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Poland's Agriculture Minister Grzegorz Puda on Thursday contradicted Danzig's Medical University, which on Tuesday had said the coronavirus had been identified in 8 minks at a breeding farm in the country's western Pommern district. Tage Pedersen, head of the Danish mink breeders' association, said this month the industry, which employs around 6,000 people and exports fur pelts worth $800 million annually, is finished.

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