'UNDERLYING TENSION': Barack Obama feared for his marriage during presidency

Obama's 'A Promised Land' sells almost 890000 copies on first day

Barack Obama says family helped 'ground' him during presidency

Obama was on the show to promote his memoir, "A Promised Land", a weighty 701-page tome.

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The host then held up Obama's new book, questioning if he chose to make it seven hundred pages long just to make sure Trump would never read it. Kimmel asked the 59-year-old about the book's length, which reaches over 700 pages. Obama, who is now featured on the cover of InStyle magazine, replied to the comments in a joking manner. The communication system in the White House used to be better.

Obama's 'A Promised Land' sells almost 890000 copies on first day

Obama laughed along and said: "Well, I think we can always send the Navy SEALs in to dig him out".

"I wish the transition was going better because we lose time during these crises", the former president said, striking up a more serious tone.

"It was like a big exhale right after we left office", he shares. "It helped ground me", he confessed.

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"A Promise Land" also delivers a remarkably introspective of Obama's rise to the White House up to 2011 and the killing of Osama bin Laden.

"Part of the reason I ended the book on the bin Laden raid was, it was also at the time when Donald Trump was floating the whole birther conspiracy". You lived there for eight years. "I'm dealing with a guy who's saying that I wasn't born where I was born, at the same time".

On November 7, Mr. Trump became the first president since 1992 to fail to get a projected re-election, after it was announced that Biden had won the states of Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia.

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It would be recalled that Obama had earlier advised President Trump to put aside his pride and concede defeat in the United States presidential election.

Obama, in his memoir "A Promised Land", wrote that Congress leader Sonia Gandhi had picked Manmohan Singh for the post of prime minister "because he posed no threat to her son Rahul Gandhi, whom she was grooming to be her heir", according to India Today.

The book, released Tuesday in 25 languages, is the first volume in a series of memoirs from the former president.

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