Sia reacts to backlash over autism portrayal in her directorial film

Sia Responds To Criticism Of Her Film Music

Sia Criticized For Not Hiring Autistic Actors in 'Music' Film

Singer Sia has reacted to criticism she is facing over the portrayal of autism in her upcoming directorial film, Music, and asked people to watch the film before jumping to conclusions. Here's all the drama explained. "So that's why I cast Maddie", Sia explained to one commenter.

Although Sia's "Music" isn't set to debut until 2021, although it seems the tone of its release has already been decided among viewers who feel the autistic community has been wholly disrespected by her casting decision. "I spent three f-king years researching, I think that's why I'm so f-king bummed". "It's very condescending to say it would be cruel to consult a disabled actor".

After many dubbed the singer's choice "unacceptable", she went out on a limb and clarified her decision by claiming, "I actually tried working with a a attractive young girl non verbal on the spectrum and she found it unpleasant and stressful".

Responding to criticism through a number of tweets, Sia has defended her casting.

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One person said: "Autistic people do not bring their families or carers suffering, in fact it's often caregivers who cause harm to disabled people. autistic people need to be allowed to tell their own stories, not this garbage". (For one, Sia's use of "special abilities" to describe Music is ableist language.) The inclusion of the autism advocacy group Autism Speaks is a big red flag for many people who see Autism Speaks as a harmful organization because of its focus on "curing" autism; while Sia said she didn't know that Autism Speaks was polarizing, an explanation on some of its controversies are as easy to find as looking up the organization on Wikipedia. I've never referred to music as disabled.

According to a report by Los Angeles Times, the project has been termed a "cinematic experience" and will also feature Kate Hudson and Leslie Odom Jr.

She responded saying, "Duh".

Despite Sia's continuous efforts to educate people about the true meaning of the film, many fans have "cancelled" her on Twitter following the trailer release.

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Sia, however, felt differently about her casting approach.

"Can everyone get a grip on actors playing roles".

One Twitter user wrote: "The fact Sia believes a neurotypical girl can act as an autistic girl exclusively because she believes her level of functioning is higher is ableism". What next? Only an actual serial killer can play Ted Bundy, Zac Efron must be cancelled?

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