Partial Lunar Eclipse to be Visible in Pakistan Tonight

NASA said the next full moon Friday afternoon will create a Strawberry Moon.

There are three types of lunar eclipses - Penumbral, Total and Partial. The Indian Express reports that the outer shadow of the Earth will fall on the moon and the planet's shadow will block some of the sunlight from reaching it resulting in a "penumbral lunar eclipse".

Based on PAGASA's astronomical diary, the penumbral eclipse will be visible in the country and will begin when the Moon enters penumbra at 1:45 a.m. and ends at 5:04 a.m. At this point, the full moon will darken to quite an extent and also dramatically redden.

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The ancient Greeks believed that during an eclipse the moon was at its most powerful, with witches being able to be drawn to the power of the Greek Moon Goddess, Selene. Europeans call June's full moon the Mead Moon, the Rose Moon and the Honey Moon. Its name originates from Algonquin tribes in North America who used June's full moon as a signal to pick ripened wild strawberries, the Almanac reported.

Since it is a penumbral lunar eclipse, after some time, the Strawberry Moon is likely to be faint and make it hard for people to see. In October, the Moon will appear in its fullest form twice, as per

Sometimes. But Strawberry Moons are not necessarily red or pink in color just because they occur in June. This will the second lunar eclipse of the year 2020 after a similar phenomenon took place in January. The eclipse is expected to peak at 12:54 am IST (June 6).

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The eclipse was only visible in parts of the world, including parts of Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia... but excluding the USA. The Moon's orbit is inclined about five degrees relative to the ecliptic plane; otherwise, we'd see at least two eclipses-one lunar and one solar-every month. South of Pakistan and northern India and China too will be able to see the eclipse.

The total duration of the eclipse is three hours and 18 minutes. Maximum eclipse occurs at 19:26 UT, with the Moon 59 percent immersed in the umbral shadow of the Earth.

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