Apple agrees to settle iPhone throttling lawsuit for $113M

Apple to Pay $113 Million to Resolve Claims Over iPhone Battery

Apple Agrees To Pay $113 Million To Settle 'Batterygate' Case Over iPhone Slowdowns

In turn, the attorneys claimed that Apple behaved this way with the understanding that it could profit from people who thought they needed to upgrade to a new iPhone because their existing one was running slowly or shutting down unexpectedly. Apple representatives have already turned to service centers with a request not to accept smartphones with this malfunction for fix. In addition, it has since made it possible for iOS users to decide whether to allow their iPhone to slow down if their battery is worn out. "Apple did not reverse course on this internal decision until it was publicly called out for its deception by the press in late December 2017", the complaint noted. Apple is the most valuable company on this planet, and it acted deceptively by hiding the shutdown and slowdown problems.

After the throttling was discovered, Apple apologized and launched a battery replacement program that saw the company offering batteries for older devices for $29.

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The results were consistent across ages 18 years to 85 years, races and ethnic groups, the companies said. Mittal said those working on the front lines of fighting the virus will be first the receive the vaccine.

Nonetheless, the legal challenges continued.

The case was settled when Apple agreed to pay a United States dollars 500 million (MYR2.05 billion) settlement earlier in March 2020. For Arizona's share it will be used to pay for the attorney fees and to fund future investigations relating to consumer protection. 1 and 2 affected iPhone user bases.

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"Big tech companies must stop manipulating consumers and tell them the whole truth about their practices and product", Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a press release, as reported by CNN. Apple also agreed to operate a website that makes iPhone updates that affect batteries "clear and conspicuous" to consumers.

"I'm committed to holding these goliath technology companies to account if they hide the truth from their users", he said.

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Alongside 33 other states, the settlement was reached with the California Attorney General's Office and the district attorney's offices of San Diego, Los Angeles, Alameda, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties.

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