A Strawberry Moon rises along with a partial eclipse on Friday

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Sydney Will Be Treated To A 'Strawberry Moon' Eclipse On Saturday Morning

This Strawberry Moon will be much dimmer than the recent series of supermoons, not because the moon will be farther away from the Earth, but because it will pass through part of the Earth's shadow to create a lunar eclipse, Accuweather reported. This is what you have the chance to see on Saturday. During a penumbral eclipse such as Friday's, however, the Moon just nicks the outer shadow of the Earth.

The Strawberry Moon will set at 7:05 a.m. June's full moon usually coincides with the harvesting season of wild strawberries in America and the phenomenon was often addressed in reference to that. This is not because of the moon's pink colour as many would wrongly assume, but rather due to a North American tradition, as per the experts.

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Stargazers listen up: tonight marks the beginning of the eclipse season. During the lunar eclipse, Earth moves in between the sun and the moon and obstruct the sunlight that is reflected by the moon.

In Europe, the moon in June is called by other names like Honey Moon, Mead Moon and Rose Moon. Before going out and looking for a full moon in the skies today, it is important to first understand what a lunar eclipse is. This time around, 57% of the moon will be covered by Earth's penumbra. This is why it may not be worth waking up or staying up for if you've had a late Friday night. The total Solar Eclipse can only be seen from a small area on the Earth.

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If not visible from a place, it is to note that there are multiple live streamings of the Strawberry Moon eclipse to take place. It will reach its peak at 5.24am (AEST).

Fantastic photos of full moon tonight in Johannesburg.

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How can I photograph the Strawberry Moon?

Moon watchers in India will be able to watch the full moon with their naked eyes unless the sky is too cloudy. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone camera and place it to the eyepiece of a telescope.

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