The latest news on COVID-19 developments in Canada

Christmas is coming and it’s not clear to what extent Canadians will be able to spend time with their families and friends

Christmas is coming and it’s not clear to what extent Canadians will be able to spend time with their families and friends

Trudeau told Canadians to immediately reduce their contacts in order to stop the spread of the virus and get cases back under control.

This closure has been in place since March 21 and the latest extension means we'll be going into our eighth month with only essential travel across land borders with the U.S.

Federal modelling data released Friday suggests the country could see 60,000 new infections a day by the end of the year if Canadians increase their contact with people outside their household.

If socialization increases, the projections indicate that as 2020 draws to a close, Canada could see twelvefold increase from the current level of around 5,000 cases per day.

The modelling predicts that at current rates of contact, Canada is careening towards a surge of more than 20,000 cases per day by the end of December.

As pandemic surges, CDC recommends against Thanksgiving travel
The travel advice is a "strong recommendation", not a requirement, CDC official Henry Walke said on a call with reporters. "Postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others this year", the new guidelines state.

Njoo said while we await a vaccine, Canadians need to stick to what works.

"We can see the end in sight".

"But I will add my voice to all those voices across the country - from doctors, to premiers to mayors - who are saying, let's do what we need to do right now".

Canada is reporting an increasing number of cases in seniors' residences and hospitalizations are spiking. "Otherwise, we're really in trouble".

After months of sacrifices, the prime minister is telling Canadians to take public health restrictions more seriously to help bring the COVID-19 infection rate down.

China's COVID-19 Vaccine Administered To A Million People
The results were consistent across ages 18 years to 85 years, races and ethnic groups, the companies said. Mittal said those working on the front lines of fighting the virus will be first the receive the vaccine.

"The strain on health systems has resulted in hospitals having to postpone important medical procedures, while critical care beds for COVID-19 patients have reached, or, are at near maximum capacity in some areas", warns Tam.

Trudeau says the funding will be sent to areas that are seeing concerning situations with rising COVID-19 cases.

The average daily case count in near 4,800 and modelling shows there is rapid growth in the six provinces outside the Atlantic bubble. Canada has recorded a total of 315,751 cases and 11,265 deaths so far.

Still, Tam says that amounts to less than one per cent of the population that has tested positive, meaning the vast majority of Canadians are still susceptible to infection.

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