Biden did not rule out a lawsuit against the Trump administration

Joe Biden

President-elect Joe Biden waves as he leaves The Queen theater Tuesday Nov. 10 2020 in Wilmington

"Obviously, the audit confirms the original result of the election, namely that Joe Biden won the presidential contest in the state of Georgia".

Romney told Axelrod this doubt in GOP and conservative minds could be due to the fact that Trump has been complaining for months leading up to Election Day that if Biden won it could only be due to Democrats "stealing" the election.

"As I said on the day that the president-elect was declared the victor, his election has provided a mandate for cooperation", Hogan said. Spokespersons for Romney and Cox both referred to the elected leaders' previous statements when contacted Thursday for comment.

Still, some in his party considering the election settled didn't stop Trump on Thursday from coming out with a new round of false claims of voter fraud in key states.

Four years ago, Trump was able to coast to victory in Georgia over Democrat Hillary Clinton without having to campaign in the state.

Fox News, the Associated Press and other news networks projected almost two weeks ago that Biden would win enough electoral votes to defeat Trump and become president-elect.

Michigan's top legislative leaders are expected to meet with President Donald Trump on Friday, according to a report from The Associated Press. Whitmer added, "All the meetings in the world, though, can't take away from the fact that Joe Biden won MI by over 150,000 votes".

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Trump lawyer and ex-New York mayor Rudi Giuliani has become the target of social media ridicule after drips of blackish substance were seen streaming down from his face during a press conference.

What is the role of state lawmakers?

While there have been improvements in treatment protocols and new therapeutics, tens of thousands of people - or more - will die before vaccines are widely available, she said. Some of those accounts have already been thrown out of court.

"We can not allow these crooks, that's what they are, to steal an election from the American people", former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said.

Legal advisor to the Trump campaign, Jenna Ellis, told reporters that they were laying out an "introductory statement" with more to come. The margin of error was low enough to constitute human error and showed no indication of voter fraud, said Georgia's secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger.

"It changes the results of the election in MI if you take out Wayne County", said Giuliani, who repeatedly wiped sweat from his brow and at one point had a dark liquid which may have been hair dye snaking down the side of his face. Federal and state election officials have declared the contest free of widespread fraud, with some going so far as to call the 2020 race the most secure in US history.

President-elect Joe Biden wants the federal government to start playing a more substantial role in combating the coronavirus, which has now killed more than 250,000 Americans.

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Despite a clear margin of victory for Biden, Trump has refused to concede, and his legal challenges are fizzling.

The former vice president has focused on preparing his incoming administration, naming senior staff members and getting briefed by his advisers.

Part of the new Trump campaign effort involves trying to delay certification, the normally routine process by which election results are finalised, the senior campaign official said.

The top two leaders of the Republican-controlled MI state legislature are to visit the White House on Friday, according to media reports.

One of the members told Reuters that Trump called her after she agreed to certify the results.

Trump lost MI by a wide margin.

The officials then backtracked and voted to certify before flipping again and saying they "remain opposed to certification".

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Should legislators appoint electors pledged to Mr. Trump in states Mr. Biden won, it's possible that two sets of electors from one state will meet on December 14 and cast competing ballots - one for Mr. Trump and one for Mr. Biden. Joe Biden is in the lead because of the fraudulent ballots, the illegal ballots that were produced and that were allowed to be used after the election was over.

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