Rare "blue moon" will be visible over Ireland on Halloween night

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

What's happening is that if there are two Full Moons within the same calendar month, the second Full Moon is called a Blue Moon.

October has 31 days and the average time between Full Moons in 29.5 days so a Full Blue Moon is technically supposed to occur on the same date every 19 years.

Blue Moon will be visible on 31st October that is today around 8.19 pm.

As you gaze at the handsome blue moon this Halloween, let us relish in just how special it is but also remember how far we have come since the last time it happened.

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The moon can turn blue, but the signature is very rare. The Moon isn't really blue, but will be in full bloom to make things a tad bit spookier on Halloween. Having a second Full Moon in one given month does not change its colour. While the dark blue tone of the evening sky could affect the color we see, it is likely that Earth's satellite will not appear blue at all. Blue moons have occurred amid other volcanic eruptions, such as El Chichon in Mexico in 1983.

The appearance of the Blue Moon will hopefully have provided a bit of cheer for those who were unable to fully partake in Halloween celebrations this year due to the Covid pandemic.

They also want to publish comments and photos in Astronomy Ireland magazine by Irish people on this rare occasion, which has never happened before in the history of Astronomy Ireland which this year celebrates its 30th birthday.

The magazine published an article, Once in a Blue Moon, by James Hugh Proud, who cited the 1937 ME farmer's almanac, but with a simpler definition. While typical Halloween folklore has always counted the night of Halloween as one with a full moon up in the skies, it so happens that this depiction is more ingrained in popular culture, rather than the actual appearance of the moon.

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A Super Blue Blood Moon rises above Portsmouth on January 31, 2018 in Portsmouth, United Kingdom.

"The moon is our cosmic partner, but it's also a huge lightbulb in the sky", she says. And like every full moon of the month has a name to it, the one in October is called as Hunter's Moon.

On Oct. 1, 2020 all could witness the first smallest moon of this year and the second and the last smallest full moon of this year is on Oct. 31.

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