Global Covid-19 cases nearing 45mn: Johns Hopkins

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Ten percent of the new cases were connected to domestic and worldwide travel.

The United States on Thursday recorded a new record of COVID-19 cases in 24 hours, crossing for the first time the mark of 90,000 new infections, according to a count from Johns Hopkins University.

This is the third time this month that the USA daily death toll has surpassed 1,000, according to Reuters.

The previous one-day record for USA cases was 84,169 on 23 October. Since last Thursday, the US has posted more than 80,000 cases on several days.

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On Thursday evening, the Department of Health announced that 866 new cases were known across the Republic of Ireland. All of the newly reported deaths had health conditions putting them at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19.

Bangladesh reported its first cases on March 8.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden meanwhile accused President Trump of "doing nothing", to get the virus under control during a dueling rally in the sunshine state on Thursday.

Thursday's surge in cases, which comes less than a week before the USA election, also hospitalisations hit new highs in many states, according to a tally by Reuters.

17 states reported their highest daily number of hospitalised patients since the pandemic began.

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Seven days earlier, around 41,000 people were hospitalized in the U.S. The hospitalization rate has risen sharply since September, when it hovered around 30,000 new patients on many days.

The previous one-day record for USA cases was 84,169 on October 23. But it's also worth noting that when the USA set its summertime record for new cases, on July 16, it reported 947 deaths - slightly lower than yesterday's total. America's death toll from COVID-19 could surpass 500,000 by February unless almost all Americans wear face masks, researchers said.

The CDC has reported 81,599 new cases on Wednesday, the third time the number hit over 80,000 over the past week, the CDC data showed. Their worries are compounded by the looming winter flu season.

The university said Friday that 88,521 new cases were recorded on October 29.

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"Today, every 40 seconds, someone in this country will get a Covid infection that will kill them", Frieden added, calling the US response to the pandemic an unacceptable failure.

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