Sudan And Israel Agree To Normalize Relations In U.S.-Brokered Deal

Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and German Chancellor Angela Merkel address the media at the Chancellery in Berlin

US says Sudan to normalise ties with Israel, in new breakthrough for Trump

Trump's announcement of the payment agreement and his promise to lift the terrorism-sponsor label quickly increased speculation that Sudan would join Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates in agreeing to establish ties with Israel. The taking Sudan off its terrorism sponsor list and helping with Sudan's massive debt.

It's unclear if Sudan, which had pushed back on the White House efforts, is formally recognizing Israel or ending hostilities against it after decades of tensions.

President Donald Trump announced Friday that Sudan is in the process of normalizing its ties with Israel, making it the third Arab state to do so as part of recent US-brokered deals.

Sudan will be off the terror blacklist, where it was first put in 1993, in 45 days unless Congress passes a resolution to object.

In this August 15, 1998 file photo, a United States Marine talks with an FBI investigator in front of the damaged U.S. embassy in the capital Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, after an attack conducted by al-Qaeda.

In Sudan's case, the announcement was linked to its removal from the USA list of state sponsors of terrorism and Sudan's agreement to pay millions in restitution to American victims of terrorism.

The regime led by dictator Omar al-Bashir plunged that country into three decades of starvation and war, committed genocide in the Darfur region, and hosted terrorists like Al-Qaedas Osama bin Laden, in addition to Hezbollah and radical Palestinian groups.

Removal from the list now allows the country to access "international loans and aid".

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As part of the normalized ties, Israel and Sudan will "end the state of belligerence between their nations" and establish "economic and trade relations". Netanyahu said in a Hebrew-language statement.

"In this peacemaking endeavor, Prime Minister Netanyahu's vision and President Trump's dedication to advancing Arab-Israeli peace have been transformative".

After weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiations, which went into high gear Wednesday with the secret visit of an Israeli delegation to Khartoum, President Donald Trump announced the accord Friday in the White House.

"I don't know where the president is getting that from, but I have seen zero indication that the Iranians are interested in joining this trend", Vatanka said. "They've gone from a rich country to a poor country in a period of three years".

"We need Israel. Israel is a developed country and the whole world is working with it", he said. Recently, the United States brokered diplomatic pacts between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and Bahrain.

Sudan's political parties and academics have been bitterly divided over the normalisation move.

"Agreement on normalization with Israel will be decided after completion of the constitutional institutions through the formation of the legislative council", Sudanese Foreign Minister Omar Gamareldin said on state television shortly after Friday's announcement.

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Trump also said that there are "at least five" countries who want to "come into the peace deal". He tweeted after the meeting that the two discussed Sudan normalizing relations with Israel.

Regional giant Saudi Arabia was notably silent.

And say Arab countries have set back the course of peace by abandoning a long-standing demand that Israel give up land for a Palestinian state before it can receive recognition.

The Palestinian leadership blasted the deal, as it did with the normalization agreements with the UAE and Bahrain.

Sudan's ousted president Omar al-Bashir sits at the defendant's cage during one of his trials at a courthouse in Khartoum on September 15.

"Our people will abide by their historical positions and work through a broad front to resist normalisation and maintain our support for the Palestinian people in order for them to obtain all their legitimate rights". Hamas, which controls Gaza, said it was a "political sin".

Nazar Ahmed, 23, a member of the revolutionary committee in the city's Elgiraif district, told Middle East Eye that the conditions laid down by the USA were "humiliating to the Sudanese revolutionists and the acceptance of Sudan's government was shameful".

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