Murder hornets are back: 1st nest discovered in U.S.

Deadly Murder Hornets Nest Found In Washington State, Invading U.S.

2020 Just Keeps Getting Scarier: First Ever Murder Hornet Nest Found in the US

It's across the border but still a little too close to home.

Entomologists with the Washington State Department of Agriculture have now found a nest of them - the first to be found in the US, the agency says.

The agriculture department said in September that it hoped to find and eradicate the hornets' nest by mid-month before new queens emerge and mate, which would help it "prevent the spread" of the invasive species.

Deadly Murder Hornets Nest Found In Washington State, Invading U.S.

The "murder hornets" nest found in the Pacific Northwest won't be around for long.

"The rumors are true - our entomologists located the first-ever #AsianGiantHornet nest in the US late yesterday, " the department tweeted on Friday.

Three of the trapped hornets were tagged with radio trackers and one of those led entomologists back to its nest Thursday morning, officials said. The agency was unable to eliminate the nest Friday due to bad weather and plans to try again Saturday, officials said.

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The Asian giant hornet is the world's largest hornet at almost two inches long, and a unsafe predator of honey bees, able to destroy an entire hive in a matter of hours.

The hornets then occupy honeybee nests for up to a week or more, feeding on the pupae and larvae.

"There's definitely a good chance there's more than this one", Spichiger said. While Asian giant hornets normally nest in the ground, they are occasionally found nesting in dead trees.

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It's pretty scary. the nest is inside a tree near an area cleared for a residential home, and authorities counted dozens of hornets entering and exiting the tree.

Kinda makes ya wonder. how many undiscovered nests are out there?!? With bee populations already in decline in the US, in what's known as "colony collapse disorder", the hornets pose another threat to the ecosystem if they become established.

Since then, 20 hornets have been caught in Whatcom County, according to the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

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