Pelosi 'hopeful' on virus relief bill before election

U.S. Senate to vote this week on 'skinny' pandemic relief bill PPP funds

Pelosi Sets Stimulus Deadline, While McConnell Plans Vote

She added, "we don't have agreement on the language yet, but I'm hopeful".

But he also said: "If Speaker Pelosi ever lets the House reach a bipartisan agreement with the Administration, the Senate would of course consider it".

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Sunday said she and members of President Donald Trump's administration have not yet been able to come to an agreement on the language used in an upcoming COVID-19 stimulus package, continuing the monthslong delay.

Pelosi, the top elected Democrat, said she wanted a bill passed before the November 3 presidential election between Republican Trump and Democrat Joe Biden but acknowledged an agreement would have to come within 48 hours for that to happen. "Because actually, with all due respect to some of the people in the president's administration, they're not legislators".

"These are just some of the urgent needs that Washington should meet immediately while debates continue over the rest", McConnell said. "Instead of recognizing the need for a strategic plan, they have changed words including "shall" to "may, ' "requirement" to 'recommendation, ' and 'strategic plan" to 'strategy'".

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Pelosi said the Trump administration had removed 55% of the language originally used in portions about testing and contact tracing. "And the tracing part is so important because communities of color had been disproportionately affected by this".

Pelosi told her colleagues that she hopes to find common ground and is optimistic that an agreement could be reached before the election.

For the new bill to pass in the Senate, it will need 60 Democratic votes.

Calling in to a Wisconsin TV station on Saturday, Trump said he could exceed the amounts floated so far and voiced confidence that he "could quickly convince" Republicans to back a "good" deal.

According to the Senate Majority leader, the new bill will include a federal unemployment benefit, another round of small-business assistance under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), more than $100 billion for schools, as well as money for testing, contact tracing, and vaccine development and distribution, The Hill news website reported.

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In a follow-up tweet Saturday, Hammill said that existing disagreements "must be addressed in a comprehensive manner in the next 48 hours".

"'Shall, ' is different from 'may, '" Pelosi said.

Her spokesman, Drew Hammill, later said the timing of the deadline means by the end of Tuesday, not Monday. "They crossed it all out".

She continued that the changes "make the funding a slush fund for the Administration which "may" grant or withhold rather than a prescribed, funded plan to crush the virus". "You can't leave it up to the states to decide how they're going to address the minority community".

"But we're saying we have to freeze the design on some of these things", the speaker said. "And I certainly want it because I don't want to have to be sweeping after this dumpings of this elephant as we go into a new presidency in a few short months".

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