Scientists determine that the blood group is resistant to Covid-19 infection

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Daily rise in Covid cases increases by 10000 on average in first week of October

Blood groups A and AB associated with increased risk of severe clinical outcomes of COVID-19 infection People with blood groups A or AB appear to exhibit greater COVID-19 disease severity than people with blood groups O or B, according to a separate retrospective study. One study in particular found that blood type A or AB had a longer stay in the intensive care unit compared to those with type O blood. In the scientific journal Blood Advances, a special edition of the American Society of Hematology, the results of two new studies were published on October 14 - from specialists from Denmark and from Canada. This emerges from DR's report, which is based on data from Odense University Hospital.

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) announced on Friday that 2,328 new Hoosiers had tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday.

The researchers found that the risk of contracting coronavirus in people with blood type O is reduced by 13 percent. We should learn a lot more about it, "Lars Østergaard, lead doctor of the project, told DR".

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Ruth Studley, head of analysis for the Covid-19 infection survey, said: "Our latest data shows infections continue to rise, with more than a third of a million people estimated to be infected - the highest levels we have seen since the survey began in May".

The two studies together show that blood groups A and AB are particularly at risk of organ failure due to COVID-19 as compared to blood types O and B.

"It can also be helpful to determine who should be vaccinated first when the vaccine supply in the country is limited", he added.

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The two significant takeaways here are that there is as yet unquestionably more information needed before any definitive conclusions can be drawn from this research, and that regardless of whether ABO blood type assumes a function in the virus's ability to contaminate somebody or cause them serious harm, it's as yet not a sufficient distinction to influence pandemic best practices for anyone.

"The central estimates for the number of new infections is particularly high in the North West and the North East and Yorkshire (17,600 and 10,700 infections per day, respectively), followed by London and the Midlands (5,450 and 5,720, respectively)".

One New Death For Butler County; 19 New Cases
Across IHA, there are now 29 active cases, while two people are in hospital and one person is in intensive care. Six congregate care facilities also are experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks, according to the county.

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