5,000 Kg Bomb Explodes Underwater In Poland, Hundreds Evacuated

Tallboy bomb the biggest World War Two bomb ever found in Poland explodes underwater while being defused in Swinoujscie Poland

Largest Unexploded WWII-Era Bomb Detonates in Polish Channel After Deflagration Goes Wrong- Video REUTERS POLISH 8TH COASTAL DEFENSE FLOTI

"The delicate efficiency to defuse the bomb has been known as a" world-first" by Grzegorz Lewandowski, spokesman for the eighth Polish Coast Defence Fleet.

A British World War II giant Tallboy bomb has exploded while being made safe underwater by navy sappers in northwestern Poland.

The device - nicknamed "Tallboy" and also known as an "earthquake bomb" - was dropped by the Royal Air Force in an attack on a Nazi warship in 1945. "The tiniest vibration could detonate the bomb", he said; pointing out that the option of a controlled explosion; has been ruled out for fear of destroying a bridge some 500 metres away.

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Swinoujscie contains a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal but a spokesman for the town's mayor told PAP noone was injured and no infrastructure had been damaged.

An earth-shaking blast from the 5.Four-ton "Tallboy" bomb was unleashed by Navy demolition consultants Tuesday close to the nation's Port of Szczecin, the place it was found final 12 months, the Evening Standard reported.

More than 700 people were evacuated from the area for the operation, which aimed to "neutralize" the explosive remotely using a technique called deflagration - which involves heating the bomb until it burns rather than detonating it.

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"Some residents told AFP they've refused to depart, stating the" main threat" was the probability of catching COVID-19 at a sports hall where taxpayers are being given refuge.

Maritime traffic on the navigation channel and surrounding waterways will be suspended in an area of 16 kilometres around the bomb disposal operation.

The ship's cannons were being used to hold back the advance of the Red Army in the dying days of the war.

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An earth-shaking blast from the 5.4-ton "Tallboy" bomb was unleashed by Navy demolition experts Tuesday near the country's Port of Szczecin, where it was discovered past year, the Evening Standard reported.

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