Macron orders anti-virus curfew for Paris, other French cities

French President Emmanuel Macron as he addresses the nation during a televised interview from the Elysee Palace concerning the situation of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 in France in Paris

Papers Please Macron Announces Curfews in Major French Metropolitan Areas 103 CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT AFP via Getty Images Chris Tomlinson15 Oct 2020

Although the capital city, Paris, will have to implement these measures, it is not the only city that will have to live with this curfew. On Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that they will start imposing nightly curfews in major cities from Saturday for four weeks.

The curfew does not ban driving between 9 6 a.m., but travel will be strictly limited unless with good reasons.

Paris is under strict curfew due to an aggressive second wave of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Anyone caught breaching the curfew in the nine areas risked a fine of €135, Macron said, and for repeat offenders this could rise to €1,500.

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"We have now entered a phase to which we must react..."

As of now, hospitals in France have more than 9100 COVID-19 positive patients fighting for their lives.

About 25% of the virus clusters under investigation in France are in educational establishments, the public health agency said.

"We won't go to restaurants after 9pm, we won't see friends, we won't party, because that's how to pass on the virus", President Macron says.

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Macron said new daily coronavirus cases must be brought down to "3,000 or 5,000", from current levels, which have reached up to nearly 27,000.

The president said that the coronavirus was spreading at parties and private gatherings, adding that action was needed "now". Facing the deteriorating health situation, Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed the state of health emergency starting at midnight and a curfew in Ile de France (also known as Paris Region) and for eight metropolises.

He said reintroducing a full lockdown would be "disproportionate" while insisting that France "has not lost control" of the situation. "Our employees have to be home by 9 pm", she said.

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