Northern Lights could be visible over MI tonight

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

The result has allowed the Aurora Borealis (known commonly as the "Northern Lights") to be seen far beyond the Artic Circle. Auroras emit spectacular green and red light which were visible in parts of the Pacific Northwest, the northern Plains, the Great Lakes region and New England.

With sunshine and clear skies making a brief appearance in Western Washington this week, residents of the region have a chance to spot the aurora borealis. The hourly forecast from Fox 17 is calling for partly cloudy skies for most of Monday night with showers for Tuesday night.

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"You see the colours in photographs but to the naked eye, unless it's a very strong display, you usually only see a greyish and whitish colour in the sky", he explained. Once you're somewhere with clear, dark skies, look towards the northern horizon, and wait. The natural phenomenon may also be visible in Ireland later in the week, Moore said.

New Yorkers have a number of chances to see the northern lights from the comfort of home.

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"The North coast is slightly better favored, but people even in Kerry people shouldn't worry, Ireland is such a small island that it doesn't make much difference being on one end of this island to the other". Over the weekend, the Space Weather Prediction Center had warned of increased solar activity which could impact the Northern Hemisphere from Sunday to Tuesday. They form 50 to 800 kilometres above the Earth's surface and is concentrated in the North and South poles. The closer you are to being at or above a KP line, the better your chances are of seeing the aurora borealis.

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