Coronavirus sees hundreds of Scotland university students self-isolating on campus

Coronavirus Scotland: All students banned from returning home under new rules

Students told: You can’t go to the pub or see your family

Coun Bev Craig, Executive Member for adult health and wellbeing for Manchester council, told the Manchester Evening News: "This is obviously very hard for all of the young people involved and we will be working with the university and other public services to make sure that any of the students affected get the support they need".

The university has been approached for comment.

It's understood that no other halls of residence have been affected.

"Secondly, there needs to be a plan B on how we are going to keep students learning". [Officers] provided education and advice as to what is and what isn't in line with current regulations. We have had some people who were unhappy with the regulations - but more the laws that are in force now rather than the police response.

No arrests were made and no fines were issued, he said. When you have lots of very young people very often somebody who's infected at that age will show very mild symptoms and often no symptoms at all so they won't even know they're infected.

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NHS Lothian said the positive results had been confirmed from the establishment by Thursday morning, while there was a small number at the University of Edinburgh and Queen Margaret University.

Asked if he can imagine a scenario where students will have to spend Christmas at university, Mr Lochhead said the emphasis was on stopping transmission of the virus on campuses and across Scotland.

"There's always police here now. It feels like we're being watched 24-7 which is a bit scary".

"It's not really exactly what everyone wants for their first year of uni", said Scott, a student who is self-isolating in his room on campus.

"It's so strict. You can literally see a group of six people and you have to pre-book everything", she said.

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During yesterday's coronavirus briefing national clinical director, Jason Leitch, said: 'We need you not to have house parties, I could not be more clear'. However, people in Scotland have been told they can not meet with others outside their own household in their homes.

There has also been an outbreak in England at Liverpool University, which has confirmed 87 cases of COVID-19 among students this week.

Manchester City Council said a number of measures had been implemented to provide students with support.

If a positive test is returned at the university, it has to apply for a pillar two test from the Government, in order for it to be officially registered as part of the track and trace system.

The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, has said his government would "certainly contemplate" forcing students to stay at university over the holidays, adding that students "travelling across the country does bring an extra risk".

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