Cindy McCain, Widow Of Onetime GOP Nominee, Endorses Biden For President

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who will moderate the first 2020 presidential debate on September 29, has chosen the topics that President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden will cover that night. McCain later angered Trump with a dramatic thumbs-down vote against repealing Obama's health care law. That was after the pro-Democrat Atlantic magazine published claims by unidentified "sources" that Trump had insulted John McCain and former president George H.W. Bush, both former prisoners of war, after their deaths.

Ginsburg was an icon to the left and the fight to replace her with a conservative during an election race that Biden is now leading might stir Democrats even more than Republicans.

By 2015, Trump was criticizing McCain: "I like people who weren't captured".

With a chance to name his third new justice since entering the White House, Trump is now on the cusp of installing a firmly conservative majority for many years to come.

Donald Trump shakes Joe Biden's hand as Barack and Michelle Obama look on at the 2017 presidential inauguration
Joe Biden was part of the transfer of power after Mr Trump won the 2016 election

In another potential warning sign to gung-ho Republicans, the Democratic fundraising group ActBlue reported Sunday that small donors had given a total of $100m since Ginsburg's death. "We've been great friends for many years, but we have a common thread in that we are Blue Star families".

A Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 62 percent of Americans, including one in two Republicans, think the vacant court seat should be filled only after the election.

"I always thought of John as a brother", he added.

Her endorsement also comes as Biden is looking to expand his electoral map to include Cindy McCain's home state of Arizona, with recent state polling showing he and Trump are in a tight race in the state. So many bad decisions on Endless Wars & the V.A., which I brought from a horror show to high approval.

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In a tweet on Wednesday morning, Trump said he was "never a fan of John" and that "Cindy can have Sleepy Joe!"

In a virtual fundraiser organised by the Indian-American community on Tuesday, Biden said that India and the U.S. can get the Indo-Pacific order right for a better future.

"My husband John lived by a code: country first", she wrote.

"I don't follow him and I don't pay attention to what's going on at all", she said.

Décès de Ruth Bader Ginsburg : bataille en vue entre Biden et Trump
Sa disparition devient donc un enjeu politique qui peut soit servir les intérêts de Donald Trump , soit contribuer à sa perte. L'enjeu de ce vote est donc de solidement ancrer, ou non, la Cour suprême dans le camp conservateur pour des décennies.

John McCain said in 2016 that he couldn't support Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016, citing Trump's demeaning comments about women. And as you know, my husband and I did not agree on everything. whether or not he would have done this, I don't know. She delivered a powerful eulogy of her father in 2018, rebuking Trump himself - who was not invited.

"There's one man who has made pain in my life a living hell and another man who has literally shepherded me through the grief process", she said.

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