Tesla in talks with Karnataka to set up R&D centre in Bengaluru

Tesla Model S-5

Tesla plans to set up research centre in Bengaluru: Report

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, had in July indicated that the firm will look at installing another Gigafactory in Asia and in the same month, he said his firm's cars will hopefully come soon to India. "This is the most number of vehicles per day that we' would ever have to deliver", he wrote.

A long-life battery that can cycle 4,000 times before significantly degrading would also have massive implications for long haul transport as well as energy storage. These new batteries are expected to be easier and less costly to produce.

These tweets give us a comprehensive idea of the main points we should expect from Tesla Battery Day.

Others have stated that Tesla's purchase in 2019 of supercapacitor maker Maxwell Technologies could be key, with Maxwell also behind a proprietary "dry cell" process for making batteries without the need for the expensive and tricky drying step, which could improve battery production quality and aid even higher volume manufacturing.

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Some researchers estimate that price parity, or the point at which electric vehicles are equal in value to internal combustion cars, is reached when battery packs cost $100 per kilowatt hour (kWh). Batteries now account for as much as 50% of the cost of the entire vehicle. However, it looks like the company might finally get a chance to leverage the opportunity that the growing Indian market provides, by setting up an R&D center in the state of Karnataka, ET reports.

Morgan Stanley says that it thinks if Tesla reveals "the lowest-cost nickel-based battery chemistry in the world, that also has the highest energy density and is cobalt- free", it will spell the end of EV competitors.

Analysts, consisting of those with neutral rankings on Tesla's stock, anticipate significant advances from Musk.

Building more batteries in-house: Although Musk said they'll be looking for more battery cells from other suppliers, there seems to be a feeling that the EV maker would be looking to move more of the final battery production in-house.

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Tesla therefore tries to deliver as many vehicles as possible before the end of each quarter.

They said the battery cell would have a diameter of 42 mm, double the diameter of the 21 mm cell used in Model 3.

They involve new technology for batteries, mass production of that technology (only achievable by 2022), and reassuring the current suppliers to avoid any scarcity of core components for an electric auto.

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