California fires: Wildfires have burned an area nearly the size of CT

A couple on the site of their fire-gutted home in Talent Oregon last Saturday. A blitz of wildfires across Oregon California and Washington states has destroyed thousands of homes and a half dozen small towns this summer killing more than two doz

Oregon wildfires: Apocalyptic cloud of smoke covers US west coast – 40,000 people evacuate

The fires roared to life in California in mid-August and erupted across OR and Washington around Labor Day last week, many of them sparked by catastrophic lightning storms and stoked by record-breaking heat waves and bouts of howling winds.

Wildfire smoke can irritate lungs, cause inflammation, affect the immune system and increase the possibility of lung infections, including the virus that causes COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cautions.

"Our nation is strong because of remarkable individuals like these service members", President Trump said.

The president disagreed, suggesting that climate will "start getting cooler" soon.

Joe Smith, advocacy director for Sacramento Loaves & Fishes, which helps homeless people, said California's capital city has not seen consistent blue skies in weeks.

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As Newsom toured a ghostlike landscape destroyed by flames Friday, he called out the "ideological BS" of those who deny the danger.

The state is seeing the effects of climate change, he said. You may have learned that we broke a world record in death valley. But he says when it comes to forests, downed trees and dried leaves on the ground eventually "just explode". And it had back-to-back heat waves.

He said the flames have devoured almost 2.3 million acres - 1.5 million of them since mid-August - as opposed to 118,000 a year ago. "There is no fire suppression plan on this planet that does anyone any good if it doesn't even acknowledge the role of climate change".

President Donald Trump, a Republican, was scheduled to travel to California and meet with federal and state officials on Monday.

"The 16 large fires in OR total about 878,000 acres of fire, while the 13 large fires in Washington are at about 676,000 acres", according to the Bureau of Land Management office for those two states. This major disaster declaration follows an earlier, more limited federal emergency declaration issued on September 10, which brought some resources from FEMA into the state. The efforts can also be undercut when homeowners in rural areas don't undertake similar efforts on their own properties.

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Instead, Trump has speculated, without evidence of any kind, that it's forest management practices by the states where fires are located that's to blame - in spite of the fact that much of the affected areas are federally managed.

A drought-induced infestation of bark beetles killed 150 million trees alone in California, creating huge swaths of easily flammable material. Firefighters, he says, who have decades of experience, have told him that the rules of fighting fires have changed because the climate has changed.

In southern OR to Northern California, warnings of low moisture and strong winds - conditions that can drive the flames - are in effect through Tuesday. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes.

Several fires continue to burn throughout the Pacific Northwest, killing 10 people in OR and one in Washington. At least 35 people have died in California, Oregon and Washington, The Associated Press reported. As a result, she said, there's been a growing concern that we will see these large fires in Washington and OR, which is what's happening now. "The lights were on when I first got here", said athletics manager Bob Melvin. Around the devastated southwestern OR towns of Phoenix and Talent, some people set up food stations in parking lots.

"The hots are getting hotter. That's where you go when Vegas is like, 'Hey, take it easy, man, you're scaring our sex workers.'" And his indoor rally outside Vegas was deemed by one doctor to be "negligent homicide", he noted. "Every summer we're burning up".

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Image: Evacuees from the Riverside Fire stay in tents at the Milwaukie-Portland Elks Lodge, Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, in Oak Grove, Ore.

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