OPPO unveils ColorOS 11 based on Android 11

List of OPPO phones which are eligible for ColorOS 11 update based on Android 11

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Also included is the Android 11 power menu allowing users to control various smart home devices from any third party manufacturer which supports it.

If you're perplexed on the versioning, especially since the previous update was ColorOS 7 and OPPO teased the upcoming betas as ColorOS 7.2, the jump up to ColorOS 11 aligns the UX skin versioning with the base Android version of 11, making it easier to follow for everyone.

But as it turns out, Android 11 does more harm than good, as plenty of Android Auto users are now complaining of broken features after updating their devices. Using a blank canvas users can create their own Always-On Display, their theme and their wallpaper while still offering different fonts, icons and ringtones - yes you can make your own ringtones too! The company also said that its newly launched mobile operating system is based on "Make Life Flow" concept and that it maintains the stock Android features while also providing the rich UI customization sought by Oppo users.

OPPO phones which are eligible for ColorOS 11 update based on Android 11 in Europe

- ColorOS 11 comes with a bunch of new customisation options. Called Three-Finger Translate, this feature is powered by Google Lens and it allows users to capture and translate text through a simple screenshot taken with a three-finger gesture.

Dark Mode on ColorOS 11 has also been upgraded with three distinct colour schemes and multiple levels of contrast.

- There is a Flexdrop feature that lets users watch videos and text at the same time.

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ColorOS 11 additionally comes preloaded with a new Super Power Mode that is touted to provide a standby time of 12 hours or talk time of one hour with just five percent battery.

- ColorOS 11 features UI First 2.0, which boosts RAM utilization by 45%, improving the response rate by 32% and the frame rate by 17%. The custom skin also includes an AI App Preloading feature that is touted to use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to learn user behaviour and preload the most-used apps.

ColorOS 11 also focused on user security and privacy, by building up on the changes that Google has already undertaken on Android 11.

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Further, App Lock is now getting a new shortcut to enable users to lock apps through a password, fingerprint, or facial verification.

ColorOS 11 also has a SuperTouch feature that optimises the touch response speed by identifying user scenarios and improves the overall system fluency. This feature, however, is available only in India.

Apart from launching the ColorOS 11, Oppo also shared a timeline as to when the software will arrive on its various smartphones. The rollout will begin with the Find X2 Series and Reno 3 series, and will then expand to over twenty-eight other phone models, including devices from series like Find, Reno, F, K, and A. Similarly, Reno Pro 5G will get the update in October while Reno 4 5G, Reno 4 Pro 4G will get the update in November this year.

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