Xbox Series X Will Have Backwards Compatibility at Launch

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Xbox Series X Will Have Backwards Compatibility at Launch

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer told GameSpot the Xbox Series X will be able to play all of the games now available on the Xbox One from day one. While it'll certainly be a sizable machine, and one that is much larger than the company's Xbox One X, it's hoped by the company that its impressive specs will entice potential buyers even if they need to make room for it in their TV cabinet.

Last week, Microsoft unveiled its next-generation games console called the Xbox Series X. But it turns out that's not the name of the new console.

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Xbox Series X will be Microsoft's most powerful console ever. Well, the console we saw (and also ridiculed for its design) might simply be called "Xbox" when it hits the market. But when Sony PS5 was said to have a similar design, it created a lot of controversies and later the user clarified that it was just a joke and the whole accusations of design copy was a hoax to save the Xbox X from criticism. Microsoft is reportedly planning to simplify the naming convention of its consoles moving forward, and hence, the "Xbox" name.

Looking at these, it looks as though the 22nd could be earmarked for release - however, this has not been confirmed by Microsoft. Don't try to "bring it to life".

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None of these ecosystem pieces are quite finished enough to get rid of generational signifiers altogether, which I suppose is where the "Series X" comes in, but Microsoft has made rather a muddle of illustrating how that modifier is supposed to work.

Backwards compatibility for the Xbox Series X has been a topic of discussion for the next-gen console since Spencer talked about it at E3 2019. This would loosely correspond to "GeForce RTX 2080" where "RTX" is used to signify that a product has ray tracing and "2080" is equivalent to "Model 7". While this has varied significantly at different points in time, Nvidia has typically used GTX for its highest-end cards, GTS for the next-lowest tier, and a two letter prefix like GT or GS to indicate a lower tier of card.

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Gamers can expect to see the Xbox Series X console launch sometime between October and December 2020, in the "holiday" window of 2020. Xbox Series X might be better than "Series X Xbox", but that has more to do with the overuse of a single letter.

According to insider sources, the next Xbox will be more powerful than the PS5 and "set the benchmark" for console gaming. As I'm sure you can imagine.

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