LabCorp: New Test Can Detect COVID-19 and Flu

Kroger Ups its Flu Shot Game

To provide greater access to flu vaccines Kroger has implemented new digital tools and and opened drive-thru Flu Shot Centers in 19 regions

"And the social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing all play a part in this", says Chakrabarti.

If Americans choose not to follow the advice, he told WebMD, the nation could experience the "worst fall" in U.S. public health history.

In August 2019, there were 61,000 laboratory confirmed cases of influenza in Australia.

"We need to increase the work that we're doing and we need to be prepared for what may come next in this next phase", said Henry.

South Africa and the southern cone of South America have had similar experiences.

"When people get infected, whether it's influenza or a bladder infection, it produces an inflammatory response, and that inflammatory response as the body tries to fight the infection increases the ability of the blood to clot, and when it clots it plugs, and when it plugs capillaries in the heart, you get heart attacks", Gravenstein said.

Two children with influenza A died, and no children with COVID-19 died.

COVID-19 testing capabilities and contact tracing will be expanded so that British Columbians can have faster results to see if they have COVID-19 or the regular flu.

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"What's potentially going to be very complicated this winter when you get the flu season is trying to sort it out, because the symptoms of COVID and the symptoms of flu are very much the same", Strang said Wednesday.

"If we have a severe influenza season where you have very sick patients in our ICU and on our medical wards ... it's not like you can empty out your hospital at that point", he said.

This season, it seems like getting the flu shot is a no-brainer. "By mid-October is when we really gear up to provide the flu shot".

"Influenza tends to be more of a lung infection".

A look at hospitalization numbers show the burden of two viruses at once. A concentrated effort to keep these practices going in the community will be undertaken so there will be less demand at hospitals for seasonal influenza.

"The bad news is that it wasn't better than the flu either", Grosso said. "It's really a flawless storm".

"Getting the flu shot in 2020 is even more important". We know this vaccine is safe.

Today, the current USA total for COVID-19 infections stands at over 6.3 million, with almost 190,000 deaths, while adding about 40,000 confirmed cases per day according to global health organizations.

Coronavirus: Portugal added to England's quarantine list
The changes mean that United Kingdom holidaymakers face a scramble to return home before restrictions come into force. He said: "This week, Sweden has been added to the Travel Corridors list".

"That is really going to drain our PPE stocks very quickly", Osterholm said.

"We want everyone who is able to have an influenza vaccine to take it this year to protect themselves and their family".

In that same flu season, there were 36,175 flu cases reported, 4,425 flu-related hospitalizations and 183 deaths, including three children, according the DHS.

Will there be enough flu vaccines?

"We're learning new and valuable things about this virus each day, which in turn improves care".

This year, there are unique obstacles.

Millions of Americans typically count on employers to offer flu shots, usually in October.

This year, many people are hesitant to go to the doctor for fear of catching Covid.

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To save time, flu consent forms can be found online at or can be picked up at both the Caldwell County Health Department. This year, many people are working from home.

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