Senate could vote on coronavirus relief bill later this week

Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell of Ky. center introduced a targeted coronavirus relief bill and said he planned a vote this week on

New coronavirus relief bill: How it differs from the HEALS Act

While speaking Wednesday, he said the Senate works for the American people and fights for American families.

Braun told Yahoo Finance he's hopeful the Republicans' so-called skinny bill will get about 51 votes, but he doesn't expect it to get any Democratic support. It's only a procedural vote and not an actual vote to pass the bill as written.

With Democrats holding out for a far more comprehensive bill to further stimulate the economy and help battle the coronavirus, McConnell said in a Senate floor speech: "We want to agree, where bipartisanship is possible ... and then keep arguing over the rest later".

The total cost of the bill was not provided by McConnell's office, although it was reported to be $500 billion or less. "It's a vote for senators to say whether they want to move forward toward huge amounts of relief for kids, for jobs, for health care, or whether they are happier doing absolutely nothing", McConnell said about the vote. They are also "skeptical of all the "we-decided-not-to-shut-it-down" talk" from Pelosi and Mnuchin, pointing out that nobody actively plans to shut down the government, and "we don't think we've seen the last frame of this movie yet - nor do many in the Capitol and White House".

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Conservative Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) are pushing to add language to a GOP coronavirus relief bill that would provide tax credits for homeschooling expenses and for donations to nonprofit scholarship funds.

House Democrats issued a statement calling the bill emaciated and saying it is only meant to help vulnerable Republican Senators mantain the appearance they're not held hostage by the extreme right wing that doesn't want to spend a nickle to help people. "Yet Republicans believe the many serious differences between our two parties should not stand in the way of agreeing where we can agree and making law that helps our nation".

House Democrats passed the HEROES Act back in May, with its more than $3 trillion price tag.

The bill includes $300 a week for expanded unemployment insurance benefits through the end of the year and $257 billion for a second round of the small-business focused Paycheck Protection Program.

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Congress remains at an impasse in negotiations for coronavirus relief, with Democrats and Republicans disagreeing over the cost and scope of additional legislation.

"Senate Republicans appear dead-set on another bill which doesn't come close to addressing the problems and is headed nowhere", Pelosi and Schumer said. She graduated from Columbia University School of Journalism and was previously a News and Politics Writer for Bustle News.

It remains unclear what the continuing resolution will look like, particularly since any agreement would need the support of House Democrats.

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