Anand Mahindra says Kamala Harris symbolises a 'borderless and interracial' world

Joe Biden has made history by picking Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate making her the first black woman on a major party presidential ticket

Trump says surprised at Biden's pick of 'horrible' Harris

Joe Biden is making his first appearance with newly chosen running mate Kamala Harris on Wednesday, betting that the California senator's historic profile and confrontational style against President Donald Trump will boost Democrats' efforts to oust the Republican president amid cascading national crises.

Considering his advanced age, Biden might only serve one term - if he wins - and observers predict that he might be paving the way for Harris to become the first female president of the U.S. of any skin color.

Time's Up Now cited several moments when Harris, a Black woman of Jamaican and Indian descent, has faced sexist and racist double standards and double binds that are often applied only to women in politics.

Harris, whose father is an African from Jamaica and mother an Indian, is now the US Senator from California.

She was the first black attorney general of California - the first woman to hold the post - and the first woman of South Asian heritage to be elected to the US Senate.

Of course, thanks to the Constitution's birthright citizenship clause, it doesn't matter if Harris's parents were citizens at the time of her birth.

The California senator was born in the USA to parents of Indian and Jamaican heritage.

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Trump has said in a deposition that he made the 2014 contribution at the request of former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Last year, shortly after she launched her campaign, he offered some light praise, sizing up her campaign launch as better than other Democrats.

Warren has always been adept at working the machinery of government and building consensus from the inside while also drawing on her supporters outside Washington - and her supporters expect she will continue to do that, no matter what formal role she takes next year. She later backtracked on the policy.

How popular is Harris in Democratic circles?

At her best, Harris is an electric debater - a skill set on display when she clashed with Biden over school busing policies during the Democratic primary debates previous year.

Many see Harris' candidacy as an acknowledgement of the crucial role black voters are likely to play in the November election. Some labeled Harris as a "cop", and the moniker stuck with progressives who still fault her for working within the law enforcement system instead of trying to reform it from the outside.

In the meantime, the group certainly has its work cut out for it as President Donald Trump continues to foment his base with the same inflammatory language the advocacy groups are fighting against. Biden's decision to choose Harris - who ran for president previous year in the same pragmatic vein as Biden did and is now the first Black woman to compete on a major party's presidential ticket - has further complicated the Trump campaign's crude efforts to depict Biden as out of step with the country as Trump continues to lag in the polls.

Biden's campaign seemed prepared for the counteroffensive, noting that just weeks ago, Trump said Harris would be a "fine choice".

In the five months since Warren ended her own presidential bid, she has become an enthusiastic surrogate for Biden - as well as a fund-raising powerhouse.

Biden leads Trump in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
Kamala Harris of California will be Joe Biden's running mate in the 2020 presidential election. Biden, 77, is leading Republican President Donald Trump , 74, in national opinion polls.

A Trump aide told Axios that Harris was the person that he least wanted Biden to pick.

Yet the Republicans may have to find a more substantive line of attack against Joe Biden's new running mate. "I don't think you can reach any other conclusion", she told The Root Institute, which campaigns for black issues, in 2019.

Biden has a good change to flip one or two of those six states with Harris, according to Johnson, adding that if he can flip half of those states Biden will have an advantage in the electoral college.

Besides her mother, Harris has said that a major influence was her maternal grandfather P.V. Gopalan - father of Shyamala, Balachandran, Sarala and another daughter, Mahalakshmi - a senior Indian civil servant.

Trump 'donated to candidates across all aisles, ' Pierson said.

Kamala Harris is not just the first Black woman to be selected as a vice-presidential candidate in the United States.

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