Canon suffers a Maze Ransomware attack, 10TB worth of Users' data stolen

Canon Hit by Maze Ransomware Attack

Canon hit by alleged ransomware attack, cloud-stored photos lost

Canon's services and websites are also down due to the attack. But, they mentioned that outage of was done by them.

The company says partial service was resumed on Tuesday, but the homepage on Thursday showed a message saying the connection is not fully secure. Nonetheless, it has been clarified that the image and video data loss issue was not related to the ransomware. We confirmed that the still image thumbnails of the affected files were not affected, and there was no leak of image data.

Breaking News gave to know other cyber-attacks carried out by this group and in all repeats the strategy of threatening to publish sensitive information in case you do not make the corresponding payment.

This notification states that Canon is experiencing "wide spread system issues affecting multiple applications, Teams, Email, and other systems may not be available at this time".

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As of now, Canon US website is unavailable. The attack was from the Maze ransomware, who stated that they stole, "10 terabytes of data, private databases, etc", for their attack on Canon.

BleepingComputer also claims to have gotten hold of a screen grab of the ransom note (above), which was reportedly sent to Canon. The offenders refused to share more information about the attack, including the quantity ordered to the rescue, proof of the stolen data or the number of encrypted devices.

BleepingComputer had reported on the incident after tracking an outage on Canon's cloud photo and video storage service.

A multinational corporation, Canon, became a victim of a ransomware attack.

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Weirdly enough, despite the company-wide and photo-facing hacks happening around the same time, it looks like they're unrelated since Maze - the ransomware gang behind the former heist - has said that it wasn't one of their targets.

"The ransomware attack on Canon is yet another example of the Maze gang's sustained and brazen targeting of enterprises".

Once they have harvested the network of anything of value and gain access to a Windows domain controller, Maze will deploy the ransomware throughout the network to encrypt all of the devices.

US online information security website BleepingComputer has broken the news on both stories, initially speculating that the loss of image files at was itself a cyber-attack, but then being informed by no less than the ransomware gang apparently behind the Canon USA ransomware attack that it had nothing to do with them!

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