Will support Beijing's response to U.S. sanctioning China's officials: Hong Kong

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Will support Beijing's response to U.S. sanctioning China's officials: Hong Kong

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and, more recently, Germany, have suspended their extradition treaties with Hong Kong to prevent national security law from bringing together activists overseas.

In the toughest USA action on Hong Kong since China imposed a sweeping new security law on the territory, Washington on Friday sanctioned a group of Chinese and Hong Kong officials - including the city's leader Carrie Lam.

Luo Huining, the director of the central government's liaison office in Hong Kong, said being included on the list shows that he has done what he should for the city and his country. She is also being designated for being "involved in developing, adopting, or implementing" the national security law.

The 11 sanctioned officials will have all property in the United States seized and financial assets frozen.

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Under the new National Security Law, anyone from any quarter in the world who is critical of China could be arrested and tried in secrecy and extradited from Hong Kong to Communist China without any opportunity to appeal.

The Treasury Department's move is one of the strongest worldwide responses yet, coming after Trump signed the executive order in July ending the preferential economic treatment Hong Kong had received compared to the rest of China-which included lower trade tariffs and a separate customs framework to that of China.

Honk Kong's commerce secretary Edward Yau warned that the "savage and unreasonable" sanctions could have blowback for American businesses in Hong Kong. The right to trial by jury may be suspended. Among the other officials sanctioned are Hong Kong's current and former police commissioners. China's foreign ministry said on Friday it firmly opposes executive orders that Trump announced this week to ban USA transactions with the Chinese owners of the WeChat and TikTok apps. "Because I think it is kind of a justice in Hong Kong".

Bloomberg reported that Lam had earlier shrugged off any potential sanctions.

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"We strongly oppose Carrie Lam's proposal, given that such a proposal will create an opportunity for election fraud", the petition read. Three testing organizations from the Chinese mainland will be in charge of the operation, and seven medical experts Beijing dispatched to Hong Kong on Sunday will also help with the testing program.

Lam called the measure "most hard decision I've made over the past seven months".

The traditionally apolitical banking sector will be increasingly forced to take sides not only through occasional public support for policy decisions but also via operational calls with potentially serious political consequences.

Meanwhile, Trump has been ratcheting up his attacks on China, whom he has blamed for spreading the coronavirus. "By the way, my entry visa to the U.S.is valid until 2026".

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Meanwhile, the Chinese consulate in NY is destroying documents on a large scale.

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