Chinese defense minister holds phone talk with U.S. counterpart

Pentagon chief expresses concern to Chinese counterpart about Beijing's activity in South China Sea -

Chinese defense minister holds phone talk with U.S. counterpart

Relations between the United States and China have significantly deteriorated under the current Trump administration following accusations Beijing engaged in unfair trade practices and made a poor effort to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

Esper said that amid tensions between the two countries, the two militaries should maintain dialogue and consultation to manage crises, avoid misjudgment and reduce risks. Malaysia has yet to release a statement beyond a social media post from Foreign Minister Hishammuddin.

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U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper has expressed concerns about Beijing's "destabilizing" activities near Taiwan and in the South China Sea.

Hishammuddin went a bit further, saying on his social media accounts that "matters relating to the South China Sea must be resolved peacefully based on universally recognized principles of..."

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"Wei ... urged the US side to stop erroneous words and deeds, improve the management and control of maritime risks, avoid taking unsafe moves that may escalate the situation, and safeguard regional peace and stability", China's authorities Xinhua news company stated.

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