China will not accept U.S. 'theft' of TikTok

With Deadline Set Microsoft Byte Dance Still Have to Talk Price

China will not accept U.S. 'theft' of TikTok

The pressure for a sale of TikTok's U.S. and global business, based in Los Angeles, left the company and ByteDance facing tough decisions. TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer said in a blog post last week that the company was committed to following USA laws and was allowing experts to observe its moderation policies and examine the code that drives its algorithms.

It comes as speculations continue to mount on talks with American technology giants considering its future, amid reports that the company may also relocate its headquarters in London, an announcement which drew a positive response from Boris Johnson but was berated by the hardliners in Conservative Party's anti-China fringe.

The reference to the Treasury was confirmed by Mr Trump in his White House briefing saying any deal would include "a very substantial portion of that price is going to have to come into the Treasury of the United States".

Still, U.S. lawmakers and administration officials have favored shutting down the application altogether to send a message to China after Beijing restricted American companies such as Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Alphabet Inc.'s Google.

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"TikTok is loved by 100 million Americans because it is a home for entertainment, self-expression, and connection", a TikTok spokesperson said in a statement Monday night. If that deadline passes without a deal, Trump told reporters on Monday, the outcome will be a ban on TikTok effective September 15. It's got to be an American company. It's got to be owned here. "And something could come out", he said. So, my personal opinion was, you are probably better off buying the whole thing rather than buying 30 per cent of it. So, we'll see what happens.

TikTok's U.S. operations "will close down on September 15 unless Microsoft or somebody else is able to buy it and work out a deal, an appropriate deal so the Treasury... of the United States gets a lot of money", he said.

Trump said Monday that TikTok "can't be controlled for security reasons by China. It's 12 o'clock. Do you know if the Chinese Communist Party knows where your children are?" That's essentially the problem.

Navarro said the Chinese government and military use Microsoft software "to do all the things they do".

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The jump added $95 billion to Microsoft's worth in a clear sign that investors back what some experts say could be a game-changing transaction for a mature technology company like Microsoft. "But, more importantly, the one of the few surviving search engines from America in China is Bing, and Microsoft owns that". Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday said there was a "broad array of security concerns".

"So the question is, is Microsoft going to be compromised?"

The "concerns" Microsoft speaks of are potential monitoring and information sharing between ByteDance and the Chinese government.

The company said it and ByteDance have provided formal notice of their intent to explore a deal to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which would result in Microsoft owning and operating TikTok services in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Right now they don't have any rights, unless we give it to 'em. "Additionally, we know companies like Shenzhen Hawk, a subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate, TCL, develop and offer apps with spyware and malware created to harvest user data and send it back to China", the leaders wrote.

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