Watch NASA's Mars Perseverance rover launch live

NASA Mars launch ULA Atlas V rocket

NASA Mars launch Perseverance will launch aboard an Atlas V rocket

Once at Mars, the lander vehicle will take Perseverance down to the planet's surface on February 18, 2021, to a target landing zone found in what's known as Jezero Crater. The place is located north of the equator of Mars. It will also study the planet's geology and climate.

The rover is now separated from the top of the rocket and is on its way to Mars. China launched its first Mars rover last week, which should arrive by May 2021.

"We are in extraordinary times right now with the coronavirus pandemic and yet we have in fact persevered, and we have protected this mission because it is so important", NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said at a news conference Tuesday.

In a fascinating convergence of sci-fi and real-life space science, author Andy Weir and NASA scientist C. Alex Young pretty much agreed: the moon has to come first for a whole host of reasons - but at the end of the day, the biggest is because it's just so darn close.

U.S. space agency NASA's Perseverance rover is all set to head to Mars.

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Jet Propulsion Laboratory Director Mike Watkins quipped about the California quake: "It was just the Earth being excited about going to Mars".

Perseverance will aim for treacherous unexplored territory: Jezero Crater, riddled with boulders, cliffs, dunes and possibly rocks bearing signs of microbes from what was once a lake more than 3 billion years ago.

The rover is carrying three silicon chips bearing the names of almost 11 million people who signed up to ride along on Perseverance's journey to Mars.

United States the new Mars passer-by is scheduled to depart for Mars today at 2.50 pm Finnish time.

The Rover lifted off right at the start of the mission's launch window, which had been planned for when Earth and Mars are in flawless alignment.

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NASA has launched one of its most crucial science missions to date, the Mars 2020 mission that carries its Perseverance robotic rover.

The Perseverance rover is NASA's first Mars mission devoted to searching for signs of life on the Red Planet, with plans to cache sample return containers to be picked up by a future Mars mission. It will be the 2030s at best, according to NASA, before astronauts venture to Mars.

Perseverance will conduct an experiment to convert elements of the carbon dioxide-rich Martian atmosphere into propellant for future rockets launching off the planet's surface, or to produce breathable oxygen for future astronauts.

In this May 20, 2020 photo made available by NASA/JPL-Caltech, engineers and technicians insert sample tubes into the belly of the Perseverance Mars rover at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

It will carry a small 1.8-kg helicopter named Ingenuity, which will be the first aircraft to fly in a controlled way on another planet. The five samples, which include a piece of helmet visor, will be studied by an instrument called SHERLOC (Scanning Habitable Environments with Raman & Luminescence for Organics & Chemicals).

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