Madonna Shares Controversial COVID-19 Conspiracy

Madonna Shares Controversial COVID-19 Conspiracy

Madonna Shares Controversial COVID-19 Conspiracy

Superstar singer Madonna has been censored on Instagram for spreading false information about a supposed cure for COVID-19 after she shared clips from a video also re-tweeted by Donald Trump.

"The Truth will set us all Free", Madonna wrote. But some people dont want to hear the truth.

'Especially the people in power who stand to make money from this long drawn out search for a vaccine Which has been proven and has been available for months'. She continued: "They would somewhat permit concern regulate the people today and permit the wealthy get richer and the poor get poorer".

In her initial post, Madonna labelled the doctor her "hero".

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Instagram blurred out the video with a caption stating: "False Information".

(Among them, according to The Daily Beast, Dr. Immanuel once claimed that DNA from outer-space aliens has been used in modern medicine.) In an appearance today on CNN, former CDC Detective, Seema Yasmin, MD., described Dr. Immanuel's comments as "false information" and even "extremely risky".

Rewinding for just a sec, Dr. Immanuel is a doctor (obviously), and appeared on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court on July 27 as part of America's Frontline Doctors to tout the use of hydroxychloroquine (which doesn't work) as a cure for COVID-19 and says masks don't help to reduce transmission.

According to the Guardian, fellow pop musician Annie Lennox was among those who condemned Madonna's post, dismissing it as "utter madness". I can't think that you are backing this unsafe quackery.

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On Tuesday night Madonna's Instagram account flagged after the artist sought to spread misinformation.

Stella Immnauel's claim also led to President Trump's Twitter handle being suspended last week over "misleading information" after he shared her video and called it a "must watch".

Madonna revealed in May that she got tested and discovered that she had antibodies for the coronavirus.

And later the agency said in a letter that the decision is based on new evidence that made it unreasonable to believe hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine "may be effective in diagnosing, treating, or preventing" COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.

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