Saskatchewan adds 30,000 jobs in June, unemployment rate drops: StatCan

Employment rebounds by 30K in Saskatchewan

Canada: Unemployment Rate falls to 12.3% in June vs. 12% expected

Statistics Canada said the economy added 488,000 full-time and 465,000 part-time positions in June.

Brendon Bernard, an economist at Indeed Canada, said recapturing jobs at the same pace in the coming months will be tougher.

Employment rose slightly faster among women compared to men, but women had a higher unemployment rate of 12.7 per cent compared to 12.1 per cent among men.

Employment rebounds by 30K in Saskatchewan

She said the high jobless rate in June reflects increased demand for jobs and confidence that people will have the opportunity to return to work once they start looking again.

Canada's overall unemployment rate dropped from 13.7% in May to 12.3% in June.

Stats Canada says from February to April of this year, 5.5 million Canadian workers have been affected, adding that it included a dip in the employment of 3 million and a COVID-19 related increase in absences from work of 2.5 million.

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Simultaneously with the sudden economic restrictions imposed during the onset of the pandemic, the number of Canadians participating in the labour force decreased by 1.7 million between February and April. Ontario saw an increase of 378,000 additional jobs, meanwhile Quebec saw employment gains of 248,000 more jobs.

Ottawa's response has been equally unprecedented: a deficit of at least $343.2 billion this fiscal year as the Trudeau Liberals dole out some $230 billion in emergency aid.

The survey results were gathered from June 14 to 20, which Finance Minister Carole James said was "right in the middle of (B.C.'s) gradual economic reopening".

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Across Alberta, unemployment is some of the highest in Canada.

But things are starting to improve in the province's economy and James said more than 118,000 people found jobs last month.

BMO Capital Markets chief economist Doug Porter said the June jobs report represents a solid step forward, but future labor market advances may be less dramatic.

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