Analyst Kuo reveals timeline for new MacBook Pro models

Macs with ARM-based chips cover

MacBook Pro and Air will be powered by ARM-based silicon chips, says report

Now Apple has warned users not to cover the camera as it might lead to display damage over time.

Ming-Chi Kuo beforehand said that the very first ARM Mac would be a 13.3-inch MacBook Professional and ship before the close of the calendar year, notably in advance of Apple declared the two yr transition timeline on the WWDC phase. Furthermore, the camera cover is also likely to interfere with the auto-brightness setting, True Tone setting. You can put a tape on it or stickers as well.

As to how one can find if the camera is on, according to Apple, the FaceTime HD camera built into Mac computers is designed with privacy in mind and uses a camera indicator light that glows green when the camera is active.

Apple ARM-based processor

So instead, you should just rely on the indicator light that shows when the camera is active, which means that you're supposed to always determine when someone who managed to broke into your device actually enabled the camera. This is because the clearance between its keyboard and display is created to have tight tolerances. According to Kuo, however, an Apple Silicon version of this model won't be coming until 2021, when he also expects Apple to unveil the new design that we heard about previous year, which will also likely feature the new mini-LED technology that Apple has been working on.

The warning comes after several users complained of their displays crack after covering the camera.

Kuo, in his research note, had said that Apple Silicon‌ 13.3-inch ‌MacBook Pro‌ is expected to go into mass production in the fourth quarter of 2020, reported

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What if you really need to use a webcam cover?

You can view the list of apps that have access to the camera.

If using a camera cover is a must, Apple recommends sticking with a super-thin piece of tape or anything else that's not thicker than 0.1 mm.

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Those 2021 figures compare to Kuo's estimate that in total, 2020 will see 16-17 million sold, "thanks to better-than-expected MacBook Air demand and work-from-home demand growth".

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