This is what space smells like

Eau De Space NASA designs perfume that smells like space

Eau De Space NASA designs perfume that smells like space

When you think of space, you probably think of distant stars, mysterious exoplanets, and quasars that feast on matter like angry monsters.

The original objective was to train new astronauts for what to expect on their first space mission, but you can preorder your own bottle of Eau de Space from their Kickstarter page for only $29.

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Exactly what does space smell like?

According to Kickstarter website, "NASA created the formula decades ago as a way to train and prepare astronauts for how outer space actually smells". As of this writing, the project has almost $80,000 pledged of a $2,000 goal, with another 47 days remaining on the clock. Allegedly, in addition to the hype building around Eau De Space, Richmond also said that the company will also plan to release a fragrance called the Smell Of The Moon. "I think it has an nearly bitter smell in addition to being smoked and burned".

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Back in 2008 Nasa contacted a chemist called Steve Pearce, who started work to develop the fragrance. But recently, the team behind Eau de Space launched a Kickstarter campaign to commercialize the perfume and bring it down to Earth.

So what does space smell like? Although the article goes on to note that the smell may be caused by single oxygen atoms combining with O₂ upon cabin de-pressurization-O₃ is ozone and ozone has a particular smell.

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The CNN report reveals that the company's main goal with Eau de Space is to increase interest in STEM learning for K-12 students through "experiential education". She hopes Eau from Space begins the discussion, with parents, teachers, and scientists taking it from there. There are slight discounts if you buy in bulk, and for each bottle you purchase, Eau de Space will donate one. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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