NASA video shows 10-year time-lapse of Sun in 61 minutes

NASA releases 10-year time lapse of the sun

Incredible 10-Year Time Lapse of Sun From NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory [Video]

NASA has released a stunning 10-year time-lapse video of the Sun, bringing a decade of activity into a one-hour film.

This composite image is made from 151 individual SDO frames.

Over the course of 10 years the hardy probe has taken an image of our star on average once every 0.75 seconds, amassing an impressive 425 million images of the Sun, and transmitting 20 million gigabytes of data back to Earth. The video might also offer other insights about the closest star and its influence over the solar system.

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NASA has released a 10-year time-lapse video of the Sun.

Throughout the duration of the video, notable solar events, including the rise and fall of the solar cycle, transitioning planets, and solar eruptions can also be seen. The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) instrument alone captures images every 12 seconds at 10 different wavelengths of light. The shots were taken by the agency's Solar Dynamics Observatory, which as of June has been keeping a near uninterrupted vigil over our parent star for a decade from its perch high in geosynchronous Earth orbit.

This is the frequent sunlight cycle, in which it moves from a period of time of substantial action referred to as the Photo voltaic Optimum to a time period of small activity referred to as the Solar Minimum amount.

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While SDO has stored an unblinking eye pointed toward the solar, there have been a handful of times it skipped.

While an instrument failure resulted in a longer blackout in 2016. The custom music, titled "Solar Observer", was composed by musician Lars Leonhard.

However, the moments when either the Earth or some other solar system body came between the Sun and the SDO image capturing device, the images could not be clicked and those moments are represented in the video by the dark frames in the video, NASA said. The images where the Sun is off-center were observed when SDO was calibrating its instruments.

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