Miss. House passes bill to change state flag

Miss. House passes bill to change state flag

Miss. House passes bill to change state flag

The Mississippi Senate joined the House on Sunday in a historic vote to take down the 1894 state flag with its Confederate battle emblem and ask Mississippi voters to approve a new flag in November.

"We are better today than we were yesterday", said bill author Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, according to Today.

The Mississippi House voted 91 in favor and 23 opposed. "So put it in a museum and honor it there or put it in your house, but the flag of MS should represent the entire population, and I am thrilled that we're finally going to make that change", Hayes-Davis told CNN. "And that's what that says today".

Governor Tate Reeves tweeted on Saturday that with state legislators deadlocked for days as they consider a new flag "it's time to end it".

Republican Gov. Tate Reeves had announced Saturday he would sign the bill, which means MS will now form a committee to approve a new flag, the design of which must include the words "in God We Trust" and will be put before voters in November.

Reeves and many other politicians have said people should get to vote on a flag design in another statewide election. It would take a two-thirds vote. If voters reject it, the commission will try again. The governor's three appointees must be representatives from the Mississippi Economic Council, the Mississippi Arts Commission, and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The commission isn't to be formed by July 15, 2020.

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Members of Working Together Mississippi, a religious leadership organisation, listen as Bishop Ronnie C. Crudup, Sr., of the Mid South Diocese of the Fellowship of International Churches, center, calls for the removal of the Confederate battle flag that occupies the canton portion of the current Mississippi state flag.

Rep. Jerry Turner, Chairman of the Rules Committee, came to the podium to explain why he voted "no" on the resolution yesterday.

"We don't want anything flying over them, lofty, exalting itself, that grabs onto a deadly past", Holt said.

He had previously said that he would not veto a bill, but did not publicly back it.

"We have another train before us today".

"I don't apologize for being emotional", Magee said during the signing.

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The lead-up to passage included tears, last-minute counting of votes to ensure support in both chambers, and scores of emails and social media posts from Mississippians.

"I want the people in MS to know and people around the country to know how hard it is for many of you to take on this issue", said Hopson. "I would guess that a lot don't even see that flag in the right corner up there", Edward Blackman, an African-American Democratic lawmaker, told colleagues during the debate Saturday. Hopson said that MS is not the only state with that mantra, as well as the US currency. That state removed the symbol from its banner in 2001.

Several legislators continued to argue that the fate of the flag should be left to voters. On Saturday, the state Senate voted 36-14 to allow changes to the design of the flag. Angela Burks Hill, R-Picayune.

It means a bill to change the state flag can now be formally introduced.

"By changing our flag, we don't abandon our founding principles", he said.

"I know that when you walk into this building every day. I think the world, most certainly the USA, is going to view MS after today's vote". McDaniel who was the only one to speak against the bill. Any time a big decision is made, some will like how it happened and some will not.

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