Divya Khosla Kumar trolled for speaking against Sonu Nigam

Marina Kuwar, whom Sonu Nigam mentioned in his warning video for Bhushan Kumar, shares post on depression

Divya Khosla Kumar calls Sonu Nigam 'thankless', accu..ies' after singer's allegations against Bhushan Kumar

After Divya Khosla Kumar slammed Sonu Nigam in an 11 minutes long video titled "The Bitter Truth", wherein she attempts to refute each claim made by the singer against her husband and music honcho Bhushan Kumar, now he has taken to social media to give his response. Bhushan Kumar's spouse mentioned Sonu Nigam left the T sequence after the assassination try and joined some other tune corporate as a substitute of serving to her husband in those tough instances.

Divya Kumar then said she has been receiving rape threats while Bhushan Kumar and their son are receiving death threats ever since Nigam released his video.

In the video, Divya accusing Sonu Nigam of "selling lies" to grab everyone's attention.

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Nigam had accused Bhushan Kumar of letting only some chosen singers showcase their talent. "I want to ask, what is the #MeToo movement?" She asks Sonu once more: "Why will have to Bhushan come to you to save lots of your self from Abu Salem?"

Divya Khosla Kumar rants in her video, "For the last few days Sonu Nigam has been running a campaign against T-Series and Bhushan Kumar Ji". In a Twitter post, Marina said that the cause of her depression is due to some "unwanted incidents" in her life.

Addressing Sonu Nigam's claim of Bhushan Kumar asking him for help to save him from Abu Salem, Divya said, "Why would Bhushan come to you to save himself from Abu Salem?" You've messed with the wrong person. Let's help her in that.' The singer seems to be taking a jibe at Divya for turning off her comments on Instagram. She additionally talks concerning the homicide of Gulshan Kumar.

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After Monali Thakur and Adnan Sami, composer Salim Merchant has also agreed with Sonu Nigam's claims about the music industry. Sharing a personal experience, he says, "Sulaiman and I had worked on a project with a new director".

"Shall I name you in the #MeToo movement now?" If you had this much problem with Bhushan, then why didn't you speak up earlier?

Not only this but she also talked about how Nigam's own wife had made some accusations against him. " Well, her recent video became fodder for memers. But you have not even come once saying "isko chance dedo, yeh bada talent hai", you have never introduced any new talent to the industry, you have never spoken about giving a chance to people", Divya Khosla Kumar said.

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